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The winners are: CMB113, TBRETT73, LUNDY01, VICKIWEIGHTLOSS, and ARROW831. I'm thrilled to announce this week's giveaway: FIVE copies of the book Ravenous: A Food Loverís Journey from Obsession to Freedom by Dayna Macy. When we shared an excerpt from the book earlier this month, the response was tremendous. Dayna herself was thrilled as well, and she'll be returning to the dailySpark with a new guest post very soon!

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

Have you read the book?

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  • 33
    I would love to read this book. I'll keep my eyes open whenever I'm at the library. - 3/30/2011   6:40:45 PM
  • 32
    Looking to read another book from this author! - 3/29/2011   8:39:11 AM
  • 31
    I couldn't wait, I bought it for my Kindle. - 3/28/2011   12:11:43 PM
  • 30
    sounds like a great book - 3/27/2011   10:11:34 PM
  • 29
    I would like to read this. Thanks for the blog. - 3/27/2011   8:48:16 PM
  • 28
    Very helpful. Thank you! - 3/27/2011   3:38:39 PM
    Candygram - thanks for the info on the Kindle ! Too late for the deal , but maybe it will come around again . Plus, now I have access to all sorts of other books! - 3/27/2011   12:09:30 PM
  • 26
    Elephantgirl75, you don't actually need a kindle to get and read kindle books. They have an app for your computer. I downloaded it and get lots of free books that way. - 3/27/2011   9:07:23 AM
  • 25
    Amazon Kindle edition is $9.99. Sorry I missed the promotional period. I'll watch it for a while and see if the price comes down a bit. - 3/27/2011   8:01:35 AM
  • 24
    Sounds good! - 3/26/2011   5:46:00 PM
  • 23
    I'll look for that book, oh I see above, you can download it, so I'll do that. Thanks! - 3/26/2011   3:20:18 PM
  • 22
    sound like a good book. - 3/26/2011   1:00:28 PM
  • 21
    am looking forward to reading this book. will keep my eyes open and buy it as soon as i see on the shelfs . ok can i ask a question . do they allow you to keep the books you download on your kindle or do you have to delite them to get another book .? - 3/26/2011   12:42:34 PM
  • 19
    This would be an awesome win in more than one respect!! - 3/26/2011   12:40:17 PM
  • 18
    Has anyone heard who is winning? Is anyone winning! - 3/26/2011   12:22:41 PM
    I soooo need this!!!! I can't seem to get chocolate away from me no matter how I try!!! I went a whole week without it and now, I am back at eating it again and not losing! I am maintaining but for me that's just not good enough!!! HELP! - 3/26/2011   12:07:09 PM
  • 16
    I've wanted this book for a while. Even looked for it at b&n to use a groupon I had to get it cheaper, but they didn't have it. I don't have a kindle so couldn't download it when it was free a couple of weeks back. It's not at our library either, yet, but I might request they get it if I don't happen to get a copy. - 3/26/2011   11:51:29 AM
  • 15
    Very cool! I haven't read it yet, but it sounds really interesting. - 3/26/2011   11:13:07 AM
  • 14
    Have not read it yet. Hope I'm a winner. Will look for it at the library - 3/26/2011   9:55:05 AM
  • 13
    this looks GREAT! - 3/26/2011   9:24:16 AM
  • 12
    After reading the excerpt on DailySpark, I checked to see if I could get the free download for Kindle (so I could read it on my PC anyway), and I was so disappointed the promotion was done! I think this book sounds great! - 3/26/2011   9:06:44 AM
  • 11
    Interesting will look in the library for it - 3/26/2011   8:38:11 AM
  • 10
    I have not read the book, but I would love to, so hope that I am a winner! - 3/26/2011   8:08:15 AM
  • 9
    Sounds like a good book! - 3/26/2011   7:46:45 AM
  • 8
    No. But I have read Rachael Heller PhD and Richard Heller PhD's "The Stress Eaters Cure" which is there 13th book. Rachael was 320# in Graduate School years ago and is not in menopause fighting weight gain or was. They wrote "The Carb Addicts Diet" some years ago. She points out that our processed foods have Glutamates added which make use crave the foods so we buy them. (Yes, the famous MSG from Chinese restaurants is a type of Glutamate) They show how to stop the night cravings, which has been the reason for my weight gain after age 41. I got the book at the library. - 3/26/2011   12:44:18 AM
  • 7
    Very excited to read this book! - 3/25/2011   11:25:38 PM
  • 6
    I read it! Well, I'm on the last chapter. It's a good book and I've really enjoyed reading it. Reading about someone else gaining insight into her food addictions has helped me look into my own.
    Definitely a good read. - 3/25/2011   10:41:26 PM
    It would be nice to read about another "foodie's" journey to freedom - 3/25/2011   9:11:39 PM
    why oh why, can't I ever win?? :D - 3/25/2011   8:54:26 PM
    I recently downloaded this as an ebook onto my kindle. It was featured as a free book so I didnt even have to pay anything for it. (It was only a limited time promotional thing, it isnt free anymore) - 3/25/2011   6:39:46 PM
  • 2
    I don't have a copy yet and I'd love one as it sounds simply motivating... I wonder if it has a Kindle edition. - 3/25/2011   6:32:24 PM

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