Which Beauty Product Never Leaves Your Gym Bag?


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We took a Spin class last week with fellow FITNESS editors, which made us wonder what beauty goods they tote along with them. Here’s the one product that never leaves these FITNESS ladies’ gym bags:

  • “Lip balm! My lips tend to get dry during my workout, so lip balm keeps them kissable. I love Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil- it smells delicious!” —Theresa K. Brady, editorial intern
  • La Fresh Instant Body Soother Wipes—they’re the perfect way to cool off and freshen up right after a workout. I wipe one over my neck, face, and shoulders for a quick pick-me-up, and keep a stash in my purse for sticky summer days.”—Colleen Moody, web editor
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Sport On-the-Go Cleansing Wipes take up no space in my gym bag, thanks to individual packets. I use one wipe before and one after my workouts.”—Amanda Downs, beauty intern
  • “Face moisturizer—gyms usually have body lotion, but not the good stuff for your face! It also helps with clearing off any leftover eyeliner if the shower didn’t do the trick.”—Mary Anderson, deputy editor
Find more great products that are great for your gym bag.
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What beauty product never leaves your gym bag?

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  • 27
    Deodorant, hair conditioner and lotion! - 1/8/2013   11:53:49 AM
  • 26
    Deodorant, hair conditioner and lotion! - 1/8/2013   11:53:46 AM
    Water never leaves my bag , I always have extra water on hand and Bumble & Purple - 100% Bees Wax Bar - after I swim and shower - it s the most natural way to replenish my skin after clorine. - 1/8/2013   9:33:03 AM
  • 24
    Beauty is the last thing on my mind when I finish my workouts. I have to scrape myself out of the gym; only thinking of the muscle soreness that will follow hours or days afterward. I just carry a towel and a snack. - 4/27/2012   6:48:58 AM
  • 23
    I usually workout at home, so no beauty products to keep in a gym bag, but I like the sound of some of these products and will have to check them out. - 8/13/2011   10:22:21 AM
  • 22
    I always have deodorant, and a tooth brush with me. I always carry wipes as well.
    Oh and of course a tube of lip stick. - 8/1/2011   12:45:05 PM
    I keep wipes in my car. - 7/30/2011   11:55:01 PM
  • 20
    In addition to my gym bag, I keep a locker at the gym But in both, I keep petroleum jelly. It is multipurpose and hydrates magnificently. Actually I have it in every bag and on my nightstand. - 7/30/2011   10:43:12 AM
  • 19
    I can't say I've EVER had a "beauty product" in my gym bag, LOL! I always go to the gym after work, so I've never had a need for anything like that. - 7/30/2011   8:41:06 AM
  • 18
    I always have hand lotion with me when I go to the gym. I wash my hands frequently while I'm there and it dries my hands out. - 7/30/2011   3:33:41 AM
  • D77IVY
    Those Neutrogena wipes look great! - 7/29/2011   12:28:13 PM
  • 16
    It's a 10! miracle leave-in product. Smell great and refreshes my curly hair after my workouts. - 7/29/2011   8:28:13 AM
    I have Garnier Moisture Rescue face wash in my bag. It gets all the sweat and oils off my face without overdrying, so I leave the gym looking rather fresh & glowing. - 7/29/2011   7:32:11 AM
    My gloss, I would not survive without it! - 7/29/2011   5:08:27 AM
  • 13
    I use NEUTRAGENA products. Love them since they are Oil Free. - 7/28/2011   11:54:16 PM
  • 12
    I will have to go shopping to get this stuff. Right now I make sure I always have anti-persperant, the roll on kind in case I have to leave my bag in the car it won't melt. - 7/28/2011   3:59:32 PM
  • 11
    I think I need to get some of those wipes. The only "beauty" product I keep in my bag is anti-persperant. - 7/28/2011   1:41:06 PM
  • 10
    My #1 produce is the face wipes! I need them to clean off my make-up before my workout. - 7/28/2011   1:11:53 PM
  • 9
    I don't consider lip balm a "beauty product", but as a former trumpet player, I never go anywhere without my Burt's Bees! :) - 7/28/2011   11:53:45 AM
  • 8
    I don't keep any beauty products in my gym bag. Love that I can shower at home! - 7/28/2011   11:38:02 AM
  • 7
    A hair brush.. that's it. Don't use beauty products at the gym or anywhere else. - 7/28/2011   11:00:11 AM
  • 6
    Two beauty products that never leave my bag--any brand of wet wipes and Dove deodorant. There is nothing like a refreshing, cool wipe after Zumba and Dove beforehand just in case! - 7/28/2011   10:18:33 AM
  • 5
    I use Ponds make-up remover (wipes) before each work out. I hate wiping my sweat & see make-up residue on my towel.
    I would really like to try that La Fresh Instant Body. I think I may order that this weekend. - 7/28/2011   10:16:28 AM
  • 4
    Please tell me the wipes for refreshing or cooling down and not a shower replacement or I will have to complain that I am the only one who sweats like crazy when I work out and if my clothes are soaked there is no wipe that will make me presentable... ;-) LOL - 7/28/2011   9:54:54 AM
  • 3
    Need to restock my swim bag with conditioner.... - 7/28/2011   8:47:27 AM
  • 2
    I'm going to try the La Refresh wipes!! Good to know! :) Thanks!!! - 7/28/2011   8:19:38 AM
    I like these tips, i will use them, especially the wipes....thanks - 7/28/2011   6:36:08 AM

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