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GEORGE815 4/24/2017
Great variety of articles here. Report
I find Carnie Wilson annoying, since she's RICH and she keeps using her weight to get attention and make MORE money. Enough already. We have SO many Spark success stories who did it all without personal chefs and personal trainers! Report
Thx for the link to the cookies! I always love a good and healthy cookie recipe. :) Never heard of that coconut butter mentioned in that link either. Report
Please help ineed to eat reduced fat as i have angina hypertension and am now obese i gained 40 lbs when i gave up smoking. Weight went on in several weeks after i had finished nicotine replacement patches
i do not want to cook two meals every dinner time . My husband of 42 years is in kidney failure and is also diabetic . Can anyone suggest menus that will deal wth fluid retriction and very low potassium intake
Many thanks
Glad I read the article on Agave, I was going to try it just because of the good things I read about it, but now I am not sure it is even worth. I am going to try and make those those spelt cookies. Seems like they would make a great breakfast cookie to replace quaker oatmeal breadfast cookies and bars. Report
Loved making your own yogurt, really have to try that! Report
The vacation article caught my eye, since I'll be going on vacation in um, 51 days! And yes, I relax and feel well rested when I get back, especially since my work doesn't pile up while I'm gone.

The Carni Wilson story also was interesting and also heartbreaking. She keeps on trying though and I'll give her credit for that. I agree that people are way too hard on celebrities and their weight.

As for the agave article, it looks like everyone was interested in that one except me. I don't use too many sweeteners anymore, artificial or otherwise, so I wasn't interested in reading it. Report
Not good to feel this way!! Report
I enjoyed reading the articles and plan to make the cookies. Sometimes you just need a cookie then everything is ok again. Agave article, I have just been hearing about Agave and saw it in Krogers last night.

Any comments on stevia?

I just started Sparkpeople, will begin reading the book today. My sister (Karen) introduced me to the site) Report
Thanks for the agave article.... interesting stuff.
And- I love 4 day vacations. Take 2 days off work, and the load doesn't build up when I get back to work, but the break is awesome. I used to take 'sun & heat' vacations when I lived in Minneapolis. Just a quickie to Mexico, perked up the whole winter. Report
I liked reading about Carni Wilson. I've always loved her music and so paid attention to her actions regarding her weight. I also feel really sorry for celebrities because Americans are so hard on them about their weight. Don't you wish that we could be less judgemental?
I also really liked the article about vacations. Vacations are always more stressful with my husband because I'm constantly trying to make sure he's happy (he's usually not!). I also really enjoy getting ready for a trip. No doubt the anticipation is part of the joy of the trip. Report
I wondered about the agave wonder sweetner, what a rip off! The holiday article makes sense, too. Report
Agave Nectar
Honey as health food, that takes some phenomenal marketing! Report
The vacations and preparing for the next snowstorm. (Frankly, I'd rather be on vacation in a warm place than surviving the next snowstorm!) Report
I enjoy reading all of your comments! Report
The article on vacations was very interesting and something I've noticed in my own life. Report
The agave myth was very eye opening for me. I'd never bought it, but I was thinking of getting it. Now I won't. The cookie recipe is a good one. Spelt is a great grain and I'm a kookie monsta!! The article about omega 3's and mouth bacteria was interesting indeed! Thanks. Report
I found the agave article interesting...but as always, the commenters here have a point. If you replace the plain sugar you have been using with agave, well, that might be misleading. But if you lower the amount of sugar intake and substitute agave for some...what's the harm?

I have been using splenda and stevia. And would like to hear some more about those. Report
I liked the agave article - I learned a lot not just about agave nectar, but about fructose too - thanks Report
I read the agave article- really good info! I still prefer agave and honey to sugar and artificial sweeteners though. Report
banana apricot oatmeal cookie one - maybe because it's time for my lunch and I'm just hungry :) Report
What I really like are the quotes on the daily reflections page. I often don't have time to read a whole article but I copy down the quote and tape it to my phone at work. That way I will
be sure to see it many many times a day! Report
I too like the Weekly Reading column. The article this week that interested me the most was the one on Agave. Report
It definitely helps me understand the articles when I see who they are coming from and where their $$ is coming from. I found the agave article (and the sources for it) quite interesting.

The Agave article was interesting, but I am not convinced that Agave is so bad for you. How much of it do you have to ingest before manifesting negative symptoms? I have been using Agave for a few weks now and really like it (about 2 tsp a day - mixed in a plain yoghurt or a salad dressing). I no longer use sugar. Cutting out sugar has really leveled off my moods (I am much more calm). I think I will continue with the Agave in moderation. It feels better for me. Maybe its all that fantastic marketing?! Report
The article on Agave was interesting. I personally think he's way off base because if I eat anything where high fructose corn syrup is one of the first few ingredients I get sick but I can use agave in a cup of tea and feel fine. Just like everything else agave needs more research, but until then if it works for you and you practice moderation, I say go for it. Report
Great info Report
I really like the weekly reading column! Thank you! Report
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