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If you haven't checked out SparkPeople Radio, now's the time! We've been on the air just since November, but this on-demand show is already a hit. Each week, hosts Lily Hills and Karen Hudson share the latest and greatest stories to help you become healthier and happier, with interviews from SparkPeople members and experts.

We launch a new show each Tuesday morning, but this radio show is available anytime, anywhere--and you can listen to all the episodes whenever you want. No matter where you live (even outside of the US), you can always tune in to SparkPeople Radio! Plus, you get SparkPoints for tuning in. (Find details at the end of this blog or at www.sparkpeople.com/radio)

Here's what we've been talking about lately on SparkPeople Radio:

Worst New Year's Resolutions
SparkPeople sure does love New Year's resolutions, but not all goals are created equal. Find out which goals aren't worth setting, and how to ensure you'll stick with your resolutions all year long.

Your Guilty Pleasure Foods
After SparkPeople Dietitian Becky Hand wrote about her love of Ho-Hos while mourning the demise of Hostess confections, Lily and Karen decided it was time to divulge their own guilty pleasure foods. Tune in to find out why you shouldn't feel guilty after all.
Fitness Gadgets: Gimmicks or the Real Deal?
Did you get a fitness gadget this holiday season? Thinking of buying new equipment to get in shape for 2013? Don't spend a single cent until you learn how to spot a gimmick.
Dinners for Busy School Nights
With three athletic teen boys, Chef Meg's school nights are jam-packed. Find out how she--and you--can still get a healthy, homemade meal on the table when time is running out.
Interview: Coach Nicole and Exercises We're Doing Wrong
Fitness expert Coach Nicole is back, and she's telling SparkPeople Radio hosts Lily and Karen which exercises we're most likely to mess up--and how to fix them!
Interview: Coach Nicole's New DVD
SparkPeople fitness expert Coach Nicole has a new DVD that's already flying off store shelves. Find out how you can get a copy and what it's really like behind the scenes.
Interview: SparkPeople member Jerome (JMERLAU)
Jerome (JMERLAU) lost 70+ pounds, and he has not only kept it off but has become one of the site's biggest cheerleaders. He shares his motto for life and talks about how he inspires his daughters to follow in his footsteps.
Interview with Member Sarah Brakke (VALFREYJA)
SparkPeople Member Sarah Brakke (VALFREYJA) traded World of Warcraft for butt-kicking workouts and lost 115+ pounds. She'll share her best tips and talk about the importance of tracking food and fitness.

Why You Should Live in the Now
Lily and Karen tell you why you should stop waiting and start living, in this segment inspired by our partner, meQuilibrium.com.

Here's what's coming soon:
  • Find out which fitness and lifestyle gadgets are hot this year, as host Lily reports from the Consumer Electronics Show.
  • Meet a woman who lost weight while eating food she loved--from "The SparkPeople Cookbook."
  • Learn how to best keep your momentum going past January.
  • Which home remedies really work--and which aren't worth your time?
WANT TO BE ON SPARKPEOPLE RADIO: Are you a woman who has lost weight to improve your heart health? Did a heart health incident spur you to get healthy? Email stepfanie(at)sparkpeople(dot)com for details. We'd like to hear your story.

How to Listen:
Visit the SparkPeople Radio homepage and click "Listen Now" (we have four episodes on the site now and another will go up next week)

Click the "Listen on the Go" button to download entire episodes or individual segments.

You can even save these segments to listen whenever you need a pick-me-up!
And, of course, you'll get SparkPoints for listening: 3 points per day!

Don't worry about missing an episode. We will continue to host a FULL library of our shows! You can access them at any time: Bookmark this link or visit www.sparkpeople.com/radio

What do you think of the show so far?

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Share your feedback in the comments below or email me: stepfanie (at) sparkpeople (dot) com. Subject line: radio feedback
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