UPDATE: Watch SparkPeople on 'Entertainment Tonight' THURSDAY, July 23


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A special "ET" interview with SparkPeople members and founder airs tomorrow!

UPDATE: We just heard from the "ET" producers that this segment has been pushed from Wednesday (today) to Thursday. Please reset your recorders and plan to watch SparkPeople on THURSDAY, JULY 23, 2009!

SparkPeople.com is headed straight to your living room! This Thursday, July 23, our founder Chris "SparkGuy" Downie and several amazing members who have lost hundreds of pounds will be featured on "Entertainment Tonight."

We're asking you to show your SparkPeople support by tuning in—and telling your friends to watch, too.

If you're not sure when or where you can watch "ET" in your area, check your local listings and set your DVR if you're not able to watch it live.

The "ET" crew attended the Los Angeles SparkRally, part of the "Show Your Spark" Weekend that was a huge success at many locations throughout the country. We hope you can tune in to this special broadcast! Thanks for your support!

Leave a comment to let us know that you're planning to watch SparkPeople, SparkGuy and your fellow members on "ET" this Thursday

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  • 257
    Zircadia's link didn't work for me so I looked it up and found:


    It appears the video link is gone. - 12/12/2011   1:23:12 PM
    Thank you ZIRCADIA for the link! - 7/26/2009   2:47:50 PM
  • 255
    I was very disappointed. There are so many people in this world that are unhealthy and need help and they gave only maybe 30 seconds. That's why I don't watch ET.....we all know how important SP is and that's important, now we have to spread the word...................... - 7/26/2009   2:22:18 PM
  • 254
    I'm glad they at least gave Sparkpeople some credit--but it was totally a let down. It was so short! I did a 20+min interview with them for the piece, plus 3 or 4 other people also spent a good 20 mins each with them and they showed none of that! Well I take that back: they showed me in the intro as a still. Nothing I said was there. While I could care less if they cut me out--I'm totally disappointed they didn't give sparkpeople more time at all. But hey--every little bit, right? - 7/26/2009   2:45:47 AM
  • 253
  • 252
    Thank you Zircadia for posting the link, it was short but I thought it was great! - 7/25/2009   11:56:19 AM
  • 251
    Glad I didn't blink twice when it came on or I would have missed it. About all I saw was 'Michael kids', 'Michael's other son?', 'Michael this', 'Michael that'. ONE BIG reason I don't watch the crappy show!!! - 7/25/2009   8:59:35 AM
  • PJC1967
    I cant believe how short it was. I was kind of disappointed but, then again I dont even like ET, I only turned it on to see SparkPeople. - 7/24/2009   7:23:30 PM
  • 249
    Short but sweet. I agree they could have done better by SP but at least they gave it some time and attention - some is better than none and KUDOS to SP for getting noticed! - 7/24/2009   5:22:55 PM
  • 248
    ET doesn't know what to do when faced with goodness and health. It was unbelievable that they switched so quickly from this to the next section that one had to think "is this the same thing???" But they switched from good healthy lifestyle to a longer segment that was promoting a dating show for people with no intention of losing weight! Unreal.

    I was watching a show on Style Network late one night and thinking that it would be nice if SparkPeople did a weekly or even monthly show THERE. A SHOW of its OWN! Hmmmm... Of course, a major network would be nice, but major networks feed the hungry sharks instead of folks with focus.

    Affiliation with a Food Network show would be incredible too!

    The ET exposure reached many people and as a vehicle was/is a good choice. That ET messed up a wonderful opportunity is their loss: someone else will pick up the ball and run with it. Big time opportunity! - 7/24/2009   9:12:04 AM
  • 247
    It was really disappointing - they actually cutoff the piece right in the middle of the speaker talking. I realize they can only give snippets but they gave a lot more to the new program coming on TV about dating. - 7/24/2009   8:03:31 AM
    Waste of time. It was maybe a minute and didn't say much. Very disappointed. - 7/24/2009   5:47:46 AM
  • 245
    Hi! I really would love to watch it but I don't have US channels covered by my satellite. Would you please post a recorded video on Spark People site for me and other around the world members to watch? - 7/24/2009   4:07:28 AM
  • 244
    I watched it. Told several of my friends about it. Was I ever disappointed. I am not a big fan of ET for this very reason. Seems they would rather tell all the juicy stuff about stars or a new reality show than something as worthwhile as SPARKPEOPLE!!! YEA for Sparkpeople!!!!! Those of us here know what a great site we've found. - 7/24/2009   12:10:43 AM
  • 243
    It really was very short. Kinda disappointed bc sparkpeople is so wonderful and has helped so many! Doesn't matter though, the work is out and people are joining in mass. - 7/23/2009   11:24:57 PM
  • 242
    Here's the link to watch online!!! :)

    - 7/23/2009   10:36:55 PM
  • 241
    Was that it? About 15 seconds of Sparkpeople? I'm not an ET fan because I don't care about the silly goings on of tabloid tv so I was disappointed. Thankfully I know that Sparkpeople is way better than the coverage it was given. - 7/23/2009   9:17:21 PM
  • 240
    Really disappointed in the show. They seemed to use us as a lead-in to a 'biggest loser' type of show. - 7/23/2009   8:38:12 PM
  • 239
    Yay Sparkpeople!!! I watched....while working out of course!!! It was short but sweet! Yay! Birdie. - 7/23/2009   7:59:44 PM
  • 238
    Aha! It *was* on--but holy cow, it was so short! Seemed as if it lasted all of 30 seconds. Blink and you'll miss it! It happens in the show's second half--at roughly the 15- or 20-minute point. - 7/23/2009   7:51:45 PM
  • 237
    Hopefully the video will be posted on YouTube, because I do not have television.
    - 7/23/2009   7:40:34 PM
  • 236
    I'm going to living room now, almost time. - 7/23/2009   7:27:58 PM
  • 235
    I wonder if this story got postponed again. I just watched tonight's ET (on a Montreal station, where it runs an hour earlier than it does here in Toronto), and didn't hear any mention of SP. Granted, I was playing online Scrabble the whole time, so it's *possible* that I was distracted enough to miss it, but I'm pretty sure the word "spark" would have caught my attention. I'll watch *very carefully* at 7, when it runs on a local station, just to be sure. - 7/23/2009   6:39:08 PM
    I'm gonna watch! Congrats! - 7/23/2009   6:02:04 PM
  • ISLEY2009
    dvr is set, I may still be at the gym. excited to see the show - 7/23/2009   3:14:05 PM
  • 232
    I just watched the recording from July 22 and wondered what happened. I'll record it again tonight. - 7/23/2009   12:52:53 PM
    I taped it last night to find it wasn't on....will be doing the same tonight. - 7/23/2009   9:51:06 AM
  • 230
    I am so relieved! I watched ET last night (Wednesday) and there was nothing about SP on the show! Yes, I will watch tonight! I'm in California so I thought I'd messed up somehow last night. - 7/23/2009   9:49:11 AM
    I agree.. thank goodness for DVR.. i will be at the gym. Want to see the show, too. Good luck, SparkGuy!!!! - 7/23/2009   8:41:51 AM
  • 228
    OK. Thank goodness for DVR. - 7/23/2009   7:01:21 AM
  • 227
    Dang, I didn't see the day change until I already spent my time "weeding" through tonight program of more Jackson stuff. Hope I remember in time tomorrow. - 7/22/2009   11:17:52 PM
  • 226
    Awesome! I thought I missed it tonight, because I was at church. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow night!!!! - 7/22/2009   9:35:37 PM
    I am watching tomorrow, because I told everyone I know about Sparks and that includes doctors, friends, and family. Wouldn't miss it. - 7/22/2009   8:43:21 PM
  • 224
    Thank God! I couldn't make it tonight. - 7/22/2009   8:36:58 PM
  • 223
    I've got my DVR set. I wouldn't miss this for anything or anyone except my 9-year-old granddaughter who lives 3 hours away from me. At the time of the broadcast, I will be driving to meet her dad (my son) halfway, having dinner with both of them and then returning to my home with her. When she stays with me, she exercises with me and helps me cook and keep my nutrition tracker. We are building a solid foundation for her health as she helps me with mine. Thanks, Spark People, for the fun tools and the internet access to them for free. - 7/22/2009   6:59:19 PM
  • GORDON2471
    I will be watching....this is very exciting - 7/22/2009   6:44:25 PM
  • CINCIN65
    I'll be watching!
    - 7/22/2009   6:13:44 PM
  • 220
    I'll have to DVR the program and watch it later. - 7/22/2009   4:51:28 PM
  • 219
    I WILL MOST CERTAINTLY WATCH IT. - 7/22/2009   4:46:05 PM
  • KIKI8508
    I will definitely watch!!! - 7/22/2009   3:38:06 PM
    I have the DVR set just in case I forget to turn on the tv at that time. - 7/22/2009   2:20:24 PM
  • 216
    I do plan on watching it =) - 7/22/2009   2:00:42 PM
    I am sooo excited.I've even called my doctor and asked her to watch. - 7/22/2009   1:38:30 PM
  • 214
    Yes, I can't wait to tune in today. I hope it would be after work. - 7/22/2009   1:22:16 PM
  • 213
    I have the DVR set....but again I hope this won't be a 30 second disappointment like the other shows have been. - 7/22/2009   1:18:53 PM
  • 212
    I will watch, if not i'll set my DVR - 7/22/2009   1:17:16 PM
  • 211
    I can't wait to watch it tonight! - 7/22/2009   12:49:22 PM
  • 210
    I will be watching, if not, DVR will be set for sure! - 7/22/2009   12:43:51 PM
  • 209
    I will be watching!!! - 7/22/2009   12:24:40 PM
  • 208
    I plan to watch the show and will e-mail others with whom I have shared my Spark journey. - 7/22/2009   12:21:15 PM

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