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As golfers gear up for the new season, many will be struck by how rusty their swings feel. 

In order to get back into a golfing rhythm while helping prevent an injury on the driving range or course, here are five core principles of the golf swing. Each tip is accompanied by an exercise that helps one physically master it.

Bill McInerney Sr., a former professional golfer who's the founder of McGolf, Ltd. in Dedham, Mass., said the key to a good grip is to hold the club with the same tension as you would throwing a baseball or football.

McInerney often notices golfers who hold the club in their palm, rather than their fingers, the latter of which allows for greater control of the club on the backswing.

Try an inverted row to build finger strength, said Anthony Connors, the Director of Sports Performance at the golf fitness club Drive 495 in New York City. Accomplish the horizontal pulling motion by lying underneath a barbell and pulling your chest up to it.

The key is to maintain good balance when standing over the ball. "Your lower body works faster [in a swing]," McInerney said. "If your lower body isn't balanced, then your shoulders will come back on the ball. You'll be out of the swing plane."

Try a single-leg balance exercise while in a golf stance. Connors advised to balance on one leg in a stance you would use to hit a 7-iron. Keep your back in golf posture and make sure there is slight knee bent. Stay balanced for 20 seconds on each leg for two sets apiece.

More tips to improve your golf swing.

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Which tip will help you the most the next time you play golf? What is your best golf tip?

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