McDonald's To Renovate Its Look, What Do You Think?

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by Neha Prakash, That's Fit

Fast food giant McDonald's is revamping more than 14,000 of their franchises, USA Today reports. The company is throwing $1 billion into facelifting its restaurants, in efforts to do what Starbucks had recently done, to create a more sleek and modern setting. The changes are set to be complete by 2015.

Renovations include adding flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi and nixing the iconic red and yellow hues for more earth tone shades to establish a comfortable environment. The chain hopes the changes will edge out fast food competitors, like Burger King, but no menu adjustments have been reported for McD's.

The chain has taken a lot of flack in the past for promoting unhealthy food and being a large contributor to rising obesity rates. But the company does not seem to be addressing the food concerns in its pending changes.

Would you be more likely to visit an "upscale" McDonald's or will the food choices keep you away?

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What do you think about the new McDonald's layout?

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It doesn't matter what I think about the new McDonald's layout because I seldom go to fast food restaurants. What bothers me is the line, "But the company does not seem to be addressing the food concerns in its pending changes." It's a private company that depends on profits to stay in business. People who don't want what they offer don't support them financially. In this area, several healthy restaurants have opened and quickly closed, which shows what food the general public wants. There are enough healthy choices at other restaurants (and a few choices at McDonald's) to satisfy those of us who are interested in good health. We don't need the food police pushing junk underground--like prohibition. Report
I don't generally eat at McDonalds, but I have kids. We do end up at McDonald's once or twice a month. I would visit a remodeled McDonald's because they are usually cleaner. Report
I only go when Friends want to go & I have their Yogurt & Fruit Parfait. 160 fantastic calories. Report
I don't go to McDonalds now so making a face uplift will not help if they don't change the food. I don't go to many fast foods but Burger King makes a better burger and so do a few others. Report
When they change the menu, I may consider going there. Report
Ever see "Supersize Me?" I recommend it.

Being a very strict vegetarian, there is pretty much NOTHING I can eat at McDonalds (even their fries are flavored with beef stock!!). Besides which, all that processed stuff is nasty, anyway. If I HAVE to eat fast food, it has to be put together in front of my face and contain ingredients I can recognize (Subway, Wawa, Moe's, Qdoba). Otherwise - forget it. Report
The new look won't make a difference to me. I only eat at fast food restaurants if there is no other choice when traveling. And that's rarely because I usually pack a small cooler with sandwiches, fruit and vegetables. We stop at visitors centers, eat, and take a short walk with our dog. Report
I'm calling shenanigans on everyone who is surprised and offended by McDonald's oatmeal. Guess what? READ YOUR LABELS. That the oatmeal clocks in at 290 calories comparable with Egg McMuffins and hamburgers shouldn't surprise anyone who has READ THE LABEL or gotten the nutrition info online. I say the oatmeal is still better because 1.) you can clearly identify that you are, in fact, eating oatmeal; 2.) the amount of fat in similar-calorie items is astronomical compared to what you could make at home; and 3.) just like anything else, you can ask that the sugar be left off. If anything, get upset about the inflated price tag, which, by the way, ALSO shouldn't surprise anyone given the price of their other "healthy" foods like the their yogurt parfaits and salads.

I don't want to be negative or demeaning to anyone, but honestly, if you were expecting a cheap, more natural, and super-healthy alternative from a worldwide fast-food giant that makes its money on vast amounts of cheap, high-calorie food and riding the healthy eating wave with high-priced, slightly-lower calorie food, then you should probably pause and reflect on who else has you snowballed with advertising.

At least their regular coffee is only $1, and that's calorie free. Report
No McDonalds for me. There are other fast-food places with better offerings like Toyko Joes, Qdoba (naked burritos without cheese or sour cream), Garbanzos (we just got one and we love it, but we're careful to start with the salad). Report
Honestly McDonalds must have some of the smartest people working for them. They have managed to stay ahead of the curve for the last few decades. They manage to follow the trends without ever losing their base and not becoming so trendy that they lose customers. They have managed to make profits when others are losing business.

I've heard it said that "Starbucks doesn't sale coffee, it sales a lifestyle" McDonalds have understood this for years. From the diners of the 60s to the happy meals of the 80s and 90s and now the coffee house feel today. These people are marketing geniuses. While I don't eat there nearly as much as I had in the past, and I haven't eaten the fries in nearly a year and no longer order the soft drinks or sweet tea, I do like a nice place where I can sit and get on the internet (on the road a lot for work). Have you noticed that even the customer service has changed?

While I am no longer a big fan of fast food and the products that continue to make us an unhealthy nation, I can appreciate the think tank of such a business.
I generally only visit mcdonalds when I need to use the bathroom and get a drink, so the remodeling won't affect how frequently I go. I don't think mcdonalds is "poison" but I don't think it's a good idea to eat there. Report
Our local McDonald's near a Country Club was a test market for the concept. I have got to tell you, it worked. People would go out of their way to go there. It was nice to have the Flat Screen TV in the background with the kids cartoons on one side and the other with the new or an program of Adult interest. It was a overwelming sucess. It definately has the Starbuck feel.
It's all a matter of personal choices. We have to take responsibility for what choices we make. If we buy only healthy options soon they will be selling more of them. Plain unsweetened Ice Tea and a Salad is my healthy choice. Can even have a small hamburger if I choose. Will I? Report
McDonald's is McDonald's. They're trying to do everything nowadays. Even their "healthy" choices really aren't that healthy. They have no problem keeping me away! Give me a homemade turkey burger and sweet potato fries, thank you very much. Report
I eat at McDonalds often. I've ate there 3 time a day for a month and lost 25lbs. My weight problem isn't from what I eat, it is that I don't eat much at all. But for the building reno, no it will not stop me from going. Report
I eat at McDonalds often. I've ate there 3 time a day for a month and lost 25lbs. My weight problem isn't from what I eat, it is that I don't eat much at all. But for the building reno, no it will not stop me from going. Report
I don't eat at McDonald's--EVER!! Report
The marketing trends do not suprise me. It is all about choices. They have the best and cheapest un-sweet tea of all the chains (Except Sonic Happy Hour). I order the tea on a regular basis, but that is it. The way it looks won't sway me to eat there. The new look is still not as sneaky as them trying to pass off that oatmeal as healthy. Report
McDonald's has decent coffee and bathrooms. I've been avoiding their food for years. When I take my granddaughter into one, I force her into healthier "selections" or smaller portions.
There's been some improvement. When my own kids were little, you couldn't get milk or juice with a kid's meal unless you paid extra and told them to toss the soda crap.

Since I have a nephew (over 30 years old) who works as a manager at a local McDonald's, I will go in occasionally. I really am not overly fond of their foods, so a facelift won't make any difference to me. Report
I doesnt matter if they change their image. The food will still make you fat. It is better to cook at home and save money in these times. Why would i put my trust in some teenagers cooking my food anyway? Report
There are some healthy options at McDonalds such as chicken fajitas, salads, and new sandwiches. You can choose the healthier foods but if the other is too tempting then just don't go there. I think it is about time they updated their look and get with the new age. Report
I do not care about the "revamping" of the appearance because I should be avoiding the place like the plague anyways! It's bad news! As many have already mentioned & thought, the FOOD is what they need to revamp! Report
I really do not care about the appearance as long as it is clean. The menu is what keeps me away. In a pinch, on a trip, I will get the oatmeal, which is pretty good or the yogurt. Report
Put the money into giving the people a better pay. Changing the look has no bearing on the food. A great waste of time and money if the menu isn't updated also.
I like the color update particularly. I cannot blame McD's for the obesity epidemic. No one HAS to eat there. I also, personally, like to have a Happy Meal every once in a while (although my favorite hamburger is from In N Out). Still I'm not blaming the restaurant nor Ronald McDonald nor the toys in the Happy Meals (which I also like) nor the ads. Time for all of us to take some personal responsibility. You don't like McDs...don't eat there. BTW, McDs are all over the some of the countries with the lower rates of obesity. Wonder why the native people of those countries aren't more obese even though they do eat at McDs? Correlation is not necessarily cause. Report
Unbelievable! What they are doing is making their bad food look better! Nothing will make me go there as I hate eating junk food. Report
i don't support fast food establishments for health reasons. i do like that they are updating their look (ugly old red and yellow!!)...but (heh heh) they should prob leave some of the older looking ones around as interesting americana! Report
I have been to a few of the new McDonalds and they're really nice. Instead of the "I *NEVER* go in those places" attitude, look at it as a Starbucks. You don't HAVE to eat the fat greasy burger. Go enjoy a cup of coffee and WiFi. I travel all over the USA for work and because of the renovations, I am now as likely to go to McDonalds for a cup of coffee than a Starbucks. They're nice. I'm just not eating the junk. Report
The McDonalds on our main street is having the overhaul. The outside looks a lot nicer already. I appreciate the improvement to Main St. My daughter and I will go from time to time for a treat. I don't do the Happy meals for her, because I hate the wasteful plastic toy that goes right into the landfill, but an occasional burger, fries or apples, and a shake are a real treat. But just "sometimes" food.

We saw Supersize Me on Netflix the other night, and my daughter was shocked at the change in Morgan Spurlock over just one month! Made quite an impression. Report
I refuse to go to McDonald's. It's my little protest to the food they promote and the advertising geared toward our children. Of course, this choice is easy since my grand kids live three states away! Report
They're changing the exterior before the change the food... Can't say I'm surprised. Report
They can do all they want with the outside, it's what we put inside our bodies that will make the visit worth it! Report
One of our new McD has been renovated in the new earth tones with flat-screens and they all have free Wi-Fi. And yet the food is no better. I don't eat anywhere for atmosphere only. McD needs to get serious and renovates their menu. That's what's truly important. Report
The less I eat it the less I want it and it truly doesn't taste as good as it did when I was eating it regularly. Report
Changing the atmosphere will not draw me in nor keep me away. I periodically eat at McD's and it is MY CHOICE as it is with everyone else. No need to condemn McD's for their menu. Report
I guess this is "news" here in the US. Overseas, specifically Spain, the McDonald's have really nice, swanky interiors and the food selection is different. I'm not a huge McD fan, but they had free wi-fi and a place to sit at the Madrid Airport. Report
McD's can renovate all they want. Until they renovate their menu offering into more healthy choices, I personally won't consume any of food products. Report
Changing the atmosphere will not make me frequent MickeyD's. I only eat at fast food establishments when absolutely necessary and even then I have a cheat sheet in my purse with the healthiest option on the menu gleaned from the nutritional info on the their website in advance. Report
IMO - McD's can do whatever they want. I don't go there often. But when I do... it's BECAUSE of their menu and familarity that I go. So, no I'm not exactly a clean eater - but I'm not going to blame restaurants for my mistakes. I take sole responsibility of me, myself, and I. :) Report
I have not been to McDonalds since I began the SparkPeople program 9 months ago, great decor will not woo me back, I feel so much better I am not even tempted by their french fries!! Report
I agree with a lot of you. It's still junk food inside. Money wasted on us intelligent consumers. Report
It doesn't matter. My DD worked there one summer and she said she was amazed that the SAME people came in to eat almost every single day. She got to know people by name, since they came there so often. She thought the heavy eaters used the "Drive-through" and never came into the store as they had much larger orders. Report
Im sorry but making it "look more appealing" is not the answer. You want to compete with other restaurants you need to start inside with your food choices!!! Appearance is not going to get me back in. Coffee and wi fi are not it. Things need to be healthier to compete. Change how and what your stuff is fried in, advertise a protein style hamburger, more reduced fat, lowfat opitions, extra help so the place looks great as is and more fresher cooked meals, you don't have to change all cause you are mickey d's! Its not going to be the same for kids if you change the look to much. Kids relate to ronald mcdonald!! You can take him away!!! Report
Ambiance is nice yes...but I don't go to a restaurant because it looks nice, I go for the good food. And I simply won't go into Mc Donald's based on principle. Report
I am not big on fast food chains. At 61, I have never been in a McDonalds
and I don't plan on starting now. I have been to Wendy's and I like their chili.
If it's happens to be to nice of weather to be eating chili they have salads I am happy with. Report
The food is still the same food. The surroundings are just superficial. It will not change my mind. Report
Same OVER PRICED gross dreck !! Like putting lipstick on a pig..... Report
We have one of these in our town. They look nice but inside you can still smell the grease. They get a lot of retired people in there every day who sit and drink coffee with their friends for a couple of hours. But eat there? No, thanks. Report
I feel that people who want to go to McDonald's will go regardless of its decor. Someone who wants a Big Mac will get it where they can, they won't turn to Wendy's instead because the chairs are nicer. The company can waste its money all it wants, it doesn't change the fact that their food is unhealthy. Report
I'd check it out. I love to see the innovative things companies do to gain (or retain) marketshare. I might eat a salad or a burger and fries, depending on what's on those cool TV screens! : ) Report
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