Jillian Michaels: Gym Fashion Faux Pas

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Since we know how much you all love Jillian Michaels, we wanted to share this video from our friends at AOL. Jillian has a hilarious take on your gym fashion faux pas.


For more fitness fashion faux pas, click here and flashback to the 80s!

Do you commit any of these fitness fashion faux pas? Do you see others committing them and wish they would stop? What fitness fashion would you like to see go away and never come back?

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Sales pitch Report
How about white sheer bike shirts on a heavy hairy man? I know he knew they were sheer. Yuck. Report
Don't forget about guys wearing shorts that are too short! There is one man at my gym who always wears a long-ish tank over almost legless shorts and who must not have ever seen himself from behind. He is in awesome condition, but he looks like he has nothing on BUT the tank! Report
there have been many judgements in both the video ad and comments... the type of judgements and comments that keep some folks from going to the gym (and I apologize to the commenter who said some attires keep him/her away).. yes there are outfits better suited than others to working out, and yes the really short stuff does leave machines etc. less hygenic...
some folks do well to pay for the gym membership and get themselves there.. some go in spite of a fear of being the object of criticisms and jokes..
to see the criticisms of what people were here on SP is really a slap in the face of what SP is all about - supporting each other, motivating each other, and its a slap in our faces that they put up advertising that is so critical...
lets celebrate the efforts rather than put down the wrappings! Report
I've never seen the thong or the jeans, but I have seen the too-short shorts. I really dislike the oversized Tshirts that would be more appropriate for sleeping in. Report
I hope I'm not committing any faux pas. I wear capris & tee shirt with a sports bra UNDERNEATH. I'm not ready to show any upper arms and the capris are just comfortable. I found them in my size at Walmart for what I considered a reasonable price. The tee shirt I love to wear is from Spark People store; it's really comfortable, I think.

People at my gym are really modest, normal people. I haven't seen any excesses there nor have I seen anyone in jeans. That's just crazy.

That said, I did see this as a sales pitch but enjoyed Jillian's humor just the same. Great clip!
She's so funny! Having said that, I will be the first to tell you that I don't believe in paying too much money for clothes to go sweat in!!!! I won't even pay Walmart pricing for workout clothes. I usually find good buys at the retail outlet shops. You look for anything with the word "yoga" in it online; and, the price seems to automatically jump up 50% more than what it's actually worth!!!! Furthermore, I'm a bit self conscious about the abs and arms still; so no tank or short tops!!! Yoga pants and a tank covered by a very light weight Tshirt are perfectly comfortable for me ..... and I don't care if they don't match!!!! =)

P. S. Besides the appropriateness of gym attire in general (BTW which I totally agree with), I took this video as a sales pitch. I probably wouldn't pay the price for what they're selling! Report
I liked the video. I think short shorts should be banned from my gym...it's gross and nobody likes seeing people pick your bum all workout because you couldn't bother to buy slightly bigger shorts. I would also like to ban sports bra as tops. I think people need to be a little more covered up. Men at my gym don't go around topless so why do some women just wear their sport bra no matter what bust size they are. Report
In one of the gyms where I work out, what Jillian wears would not be appropriate. All in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Report
Wow that spandex was horrible! Report
Ok... for those of you who are still taking this too seriously...

Jeans- Dont wear them because they hold in moisture. Meaning, when you get them sweaty, the sweat transfers easily to the machines. Jeans will also make you chafe and they are not conducive to a range of motion needed for most fitness activities (maybe only to upper body work).

Short or too tight clothing- Out of respect for everyone around, please check yourself before you come to the gym. If the ratio of clothing to skin is around 80% skin to 20% clothing, then you might want to change. Also, make sure that nothing is hanging out when you bend down, squat, or twist.

Thongs- Do I really need to explain this?

Baggy clothes- Will get caught in machines. Believe me, it's happened to me with baggy pants. And since I'm petite, pants need to be hemmed in order to run on the treadmill without tripping or slipping.

Sandals- I've seen people ride the bikes barefoot. I have no idea why or how anyone could think that this is a good or sanitary idea. Report
This made me giggle indeed! Love a fun sense of humor, and it's good to see Jillian have fun with this. Wear what is comfortable, be modest and work hard! Report
It seems some people missed the point. The bottom line is to dress appropriately fo the gym. At the gyms (large chain gyms) where I've been a member in the past, they do not allow jeans, sandals, or anything too revealing. When I'm working out, I don't want to see a part of someone else's body that I wouldn't normally see except in an intimate setting!!! Nor do I want to wipe off the sweat that that baody part left behind on the machine!! Report
Classic!!! Whether you like this piece or not, Jillian made good points. Another piece of advice that I adhere to: If you are enough to have worn a trend the first time around, please don't wear it the second time around!!! Report
There's nothing wrong with this video! Stop taking things so seriously! Report
Not sure I would call that 'hilarious' - mildly funny is more like it. And seriously, what's wrong with the jeans shorts? At least they're not tight... And don't get me started on that top she is wearing.

I have, on occasion, felt out of place in my exercise classes even though it's just the Y and not a very fashion-conscious place. I took a Nia class and was the only one whose pants/capris weren't black or dark jewel-tone (i had baby blue). And just today, I started a new class and didn't realize it was mostly much older people in the class. I was the only one wearing shorts and felt kind of out of place for both reasons... Report
love the thong. Report
Honestly, I couldn't tell you what other people are wearing at the gym. It's about the last thing on my mind. I'm more worried about being able to lift that weight one more time in good form. And I doubt very much that anybody cares about my outfit either. Of course with Jillian it's all about the bottom line; I hope she's paying SP for running her ad. Report
It was silly, not sure about funny, and I work out at a city Recreation Center, so I've seen it all. Bottom line is "workout" in whatever you have until you can do better. If someone's attire offends you so much, simply don't look at them. Jillian is no actress, but I like her as a trainer. Report
Very funny! Report
I agree that there are some things that are just inappropriate to wear to the gym (or anywhere for that matter), but I just bought some running capris that are form fitting (an no I'm not at my ideal weight or toneness yet) and they actually made me feel more confident at the gym because I looked smaller than I did wearing my baggy workout clothes. While you don't need to spend big $$$ on gym gear, why not care a little bit about what you put on your body? Also, some of the new high-tech fabrics make the clothes so much more comfortable when you are sweating away in them. Report
I hate to see people parading around in thongs, and bras, and too short shorts. It is uncomfortable for me, but hey! if they want to wear stuff like that, that's their business, I guess. I wear t-shirts over my bras and shorts. Report
Jillian was taped speaking very disrespectfully about her customers. I think negative people fit well on Reality tv. However, this type is not applicable to a positive place like SparkPeople! Report
I'm not big, on seeing someone's body parts hanging out. At the gym, I go to, you aren't allowed in, unless you are wearing the proper attire. You don't need special clothing, just nothing revealing. Report
I forgot to add... I think some people are genuinely unaware how some shorts expose themselves too much. When standing in a mirror, you can look nice and covered in your attire but you are not dancing around and bending seeing how your clothes move around. It can be humiliating when this is discovered at the most inappropriate time and place. Report
I honestly think the ad says out loud what most of us think in our heads but afraid to speak of. I thought the end was funny and it is often I see many people wear clothes that are from the 80's. I try not to judge others but it is hard to think that wearing jeans while working out is good hygiene. I think of trapped sweat/wetness and hard cloth rubbing. I don't care to see boobs, butts and balls hanging out. Some clothes leaves little to the imagination and is distracting. But, there will always be people dressing sexy to attract others and I guess that is nature's way and I just chalk it up to that and move on. Report
If worrying about how I look and what I wear prevents me from getting to the gym to work out, that's a greater faux pas than when I make a fashion blunder. This article is tacky! Report
At the gym I go to (Planet Fitness), they have just a few fashion rules - no jeans, sandals, or do-rags. Apparently, some people wear jeans everywhere & get them dirty, then sit on the machines. Sandals are an obvious no-no (trip - splat!), and I guess the do-rags are for anti-gang. Report
Mediocre attempt to be humorous. It's better to work out than to skip the workout because you have "nothing to wear." Not impressed with her workout gear either; I'd fall out of that top if I tried anything more strenuous than verrrrrry slow yoga. A lack of support here, and I'd expect better from SparkPeople. Report
I wear what I'm comfortable in. Don't know too many people that fashion conscious at the gym....lol, it's the gym for crying out loud. Report
Nyaahhh, this is lame, IMHO. Sounds like she's flogging her own line of clothing. I hope she never comes to our Jazzercise class. We don't need her criticizing what we wear. Jazzercise has its own line of clothing, but most of us have t-shirts and tank tops of our own and haven't bought the Jazzercise clothes. And it's okay. Nobody criticises us for being unfashionable. Much more interesting is to see how many of us are in our 60's and 70's. Old ladies (I'm one of them) are exercising to keep healthy - never mind what we wear. Report
I go to the gym five days a week for two or more hours per day . . . in my jeans. Been doing it for almost six years. No one ever complains. I think people have to dress decently in something they feel comfortable in. Period.

Jillian looks gorgeous in her new line of workout gear! Report
Well at 270lbs I really don't worry about it - if I move at all I'm giving myself kudos. I mostly walk at this point, and walk in non-exercise non-gym regular clothes. However, it was funny, and, I guess my style is closest to "Grandma's track suit" when I do wear exercise clothes. So I didn't know I was a fashion faux pas. I guess I really still don't care, but, it's funny. Report
Thankfully I haven't committed any of these faux paux's. But then again I never workout at the gym. I saved my the money I would spend at the gym and made my own home gym in my family room. (Treadmill, recumbent exercise bike, and aerobics area/DVR/TV.) I don't mind working out alone. Report
Well I thought it was great and funny we all need to hear and see happy things Report
It's amusing and as shallow as the current Pop culture enjoys so well, that is why it's on here though, no surprise and shock. Made us look!!! That's the whole reason for it's existance. Report
hilarious love it thanks for my laugh
oh so true
I'm the track suit wearer lol but then I am grandmajo... Report
funny - I rarely consider what others wear which is funny since I am usually worried about what I wear! Report
I have to admit I laughed at the video and then I was momentarily annoyed that it was an ad. Then I realized that seeing advertisement on this FREE site is a small price to pay for the FREE use of this site. There are sites that I PAY to use that are completely littered with annoying advertisements! The worst fashion faux pas I've seen at my gym was a girl wearing flip flops on the elliptical.

My daughter is a lifeguard and her biggest pet peeve is when guys wear the sagging cut off jean shorts into the pool. It ads a lot of weight to their bodies when they are wet and they practically fall off every time they get out of the pool. Report
Does it really matter what you wear? Seriously.. I read these comments and it's like a bunch of mean girls back in high school. What really matters is that these people are out there getting healthy.. as long as they're comfortable and the clothing is safe for the equipment, who cares what they're wearing? Come on people! Do you remember when you felt uncomfortable in your body because of the extra pounds, and how you felt when people talked about or made fun of you??? No wonder a lot of us won't go to the gym.. Report
Ha, ha, ha! Really funny even though she is selling her "line" of gym wear. However, it does make a difference to have appropriate clothing. Loose things can get caught in treadmill mechanisms. Take it from one whose dress got stuck in an elevator!!! You don't want to go there. Report
I don't know why, but the only thing that has bothered me at the gym are neon colored clothing. I wish I understood why. Report
Gosh folks, let's lighten up a little and just try to see some humor in life once in a while. Ad or not, like her or not, like me or not, who cares. I thought it was funny. Report
An ad? Seriously? Note to SparkPeople: We don't all 'love' Jillian Michaels. While I don't wish her any ill will, she's not my type of trainer and I really think she's over marketed. She's only popular because her TV shows have given her a ton of exposure to the masses. If other trainers were given the opportunities she has had, Jillian would probably be history--just one of the crowd (and less likeable in comparison). Report
Funny! I must admit I am a little surprised at the outfits I see being worn out and about at times, and I don't go to a gym. To each his own though. It's great that people are getting out and exercising. For many of us, the goal is health not fashion. If you want and can afford both, go for it! Report
I see guys at the gym wearing jeans or khakis when they work out. of course, I still see men and women wearing those dreadful sauna suits !! Report
I'm sorry, but I feel the same way about people who come workout in jeans at the gym. There are a few guys at our gym that do this and just look totally retarded to me doing some major weight lifting and wearing their gym tanks with jeans. The sad thing is, these guys think they look so cool and I've heard more than one remark about how retarted they look.
I loved this even though it was an ad, so what I agree with Elball. If that's what it takes to keep sparkpeople free for all of us so be it. Besides I love Jillian and her dancing and side ponytail at the end cracked me up!!! Report
I can't wear a t-shirt to exercise, get too hot, so like a close fitting tank and calf-length pants, get tired fighting those long pants that drag on the ground. But some girls in the kick-boxing class wear way too short and loose shorts, maybe not realizing what is exposed when they are doing floor exercises. Also those hip pants which ride down in the back showing butt cleavage are pretty disgusting. Report
good one Report

Can't imagine having her for my trainer: yes, she is far too tough! ! !
But, she is right on when it comes to fashion in the gymn: even if I am inclined, as a granny, to wear my granny suit. Boobs and buns and balls falling out of items designed for the beach or bedroom just don't make it.
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