Food Showdown: Battle of the Chocolate Eggs

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With Easter morning just on the horizon and the accompanying pastel treats showing up on grocery store shelves, we've all had sweets on the brain lately. Candy takes on many cute and cuddly forms during this time of year, whether it's in the shape of a bunny, a chick, or an egg. Personally, we're crazy about those creamy, candy-filled chocolate eggs. Between two of the most popular egg-shaped candies, the Cadbury Crème Egg and the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg, which one will set you back the least amount of calories this Easter (and in the following days of leftover Easter candy)?
The Winner: Cadbury Crème Egg!
At 150 calories and 5 grams of fat per piece, the Cadbury Crème Egg beats out the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg by a nose. The peanut-buttery egg contains 170 calories and 10 grams of fat per piece. If you do decide to indulge in a candy-filled egg this Easter, make sure to stop at just one since those calories can add up fast! Alternatively, munch on some jelly beans (6 calories per bean) or Marshmallow Peeps (28 calories per Peep)--or make like a rabbit and just grab some carrot sticks!

How do you handle Easter candy temptation?

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I don't have any children living at home. I do make my granddaughter a basket but she is to young for candy right now.
My husband will buy jelly beans and the robin eggs, the 2 things I like. I end up eating some, then i feel awful afterwards, Report
Easter is my weak holiday I can't control myself with the Easter candy I love them all. Report
I don't buy easter treats. So I am not guilty of eating chocolates at this time. Report
Too much candy for every Holiday now days. Report
It's hell being fat. Report
I don't like either choide, but I would pick a marshmallow covered chocolate or chocolate covered raisins for a special treat, or simply some fresh green grapes. Report
I'm with DragonFly on this one. Can't stand Cadbury eggs. Taste like sweet paste to me. Report
Yuck, one of my least favorite Easter candies. Then again, I'm not a big candy or chocolate person anyway (I know, I'm weird that way). Report
Wow, I was glad not to have had either candy around. It was hard enough to say no to the apple pie! Report
There are several sugar free candies available that have less calories. I choose one that is individually wrapped so I don't eat an entire candy bar. Most have very little carbs if you are watching those too. Atkins also offers a peanut butter that is as good as Reese with 100 less calories and only 2 net carbs. Report
I have to admit that I caved yesterday.... But having watched THE DARK SIDE OF CHOCOLATE, I try to avoid all chocolate unless it's organic and fair trade certified - which cuts out about 95% of the chocolate out there! Report
I am not a chocolate lover so neither candy is in our house. Hubby likes candy which he has but I can leave it alone. Report
I missed my favourite Easter treat this year. Going to communion at Mass. Report
I've had 3 small pieces and then I ate an orange. My weakness was the banana pudding my sons girlfriend made. I knew it would be, so made it my snack, and I measured it out so I would not go over my allowed calories. Report
I have one favorite...malted eggs...One bag for the season and I share! Report
The chocolates don't tempt me - I'd rather enjoy a home made Hot Cross Bun. Report
Haven't had any candy this Easter but hey the day isn't over yet!

;) Report
Don't have kids in the house, so I quit buying the traditional goodies years ago - now I only have a bit if offered in someone else's home...which didn't happen at all this year! YEAH! Report
I do better if I just stay away. I find if I eat one then I just want more. I bought only small packaged candies this year for my son so that I would not have any leftovers hanging around the house. Report
Life's too short to not eat some jellybeans and Reese's eggs ;) Report
I don't want any. They're too sweet. If I want any chocolate I have a bar of dark chocolate & I can have a couple of squares if I want any. Didn't buy DD any chocolate either. She's getting some at my mom's & that'll be more than enough for her. Report
Bring on the carrots. :) Report
Love having a reason to eat a Cadbury egg! Report
Picked the Cadbury for the showdown, but I really prefer jelly beans.. Report
Ugh. I do not like Cadbury Creme Eggs and I never have. Same with peeps. Blech! I'll stick to a few good pieces of chocolate, get some exercise, and then get back to eating better on Monday.

(If they were going to do a comparison, I wish they had compared different kinds of chocolate.) Report
I do not like the eggs! They are too full of gooey sweet stuff! Way too rich for me!
I love my cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Healthier alternative to candy, gorgeous on the table, tasty, sweet, and very poplar. Make it by mixing fat free cream cheese, Splenda, and lime juice, hollow out the strawberry, fill with cream cheese mixture, and top with a small piece of strawberry. My family loves them. I don't make them too far in advance in order to keep the strawberry juices from breaking down the cheesecake mixture. These are so quick and easy to make, I think you'll love them too. :) Report
I've never liked either egg, to be honest; they're much too sweet. Report
Nothing beats the Laura Secord Easter Egg - not bad on the calories (210 per 1/3 of the egg), but the sugar, Whoa: 35 g per 1/3 egg! However, once a year......right? Report
Sorry, I, too, would choose the PB one. It has lower carbs, more protein and probably less sugar than the cream egg. I don't like the candies that are too sweet.

I also often don't eat enough fat in my day so why not with some PB.

I guess it depends on your priorities. I usually don't eat the whole thing anyway.

rumbamel Report
The very best chocolate eggs are from SuzinL Choclatiers in Elyria, Ohio. Uses the best quality chocolate. I order on line for my GD in college. Report
i do not generally eat sweets to begin with. i never crave them or feel badly if i cannot have them. now chips on the other hand.... lol, they are a whole different beast and i do need to watch myself around them, but i do not stay away - just limit myself to a sensible portion. :-) Report
I guess I sound like a debbie downer. (Sorry) I used to eat those types of foods. At this time after being so big and now I am thin. I look at that stuff with distaste, they are not only high in sugar, carbs and calories, They will keep you fat and far from the goal you have to get healthy. I am not denying this kind of food, I choose to abstain from them. There is a major differnce in the words that people use concerning this... For me I, I feel that it is better to abstain. I am very strict with what I choose to put in my body and the tempations are gone as is the extra weight I had. I wish everyone a Happy Easter and Happy Passover. I will Passover the candy. Report
LOL- I dont look at "nutritional value" when I eat chocolate. I'm much rather go to the mall and have ONE piece of NICE GODIVAS CHOCOLATE and pay 3 dollars (or GBP) and have it once a month than to have an entire bag of standard chocolate a week to munch on.
It's a TREAT- so I TREAT myself to the GOOD stuff, therefore limiting how much- and how OFTEN I have it.
I purchased mini Dove Dark Chocolate eggs in the Easter color foil wrappers to enjoy over the Easter season. (1 mini egg = 37 cal, 2.3 g fat, 4.3 carb, 0.3 protein, 0 sodium) I resisted my favorite Cadbury candy coated mini eggs. I may buy a small chocolate bunny after the holidays if the marked down price is "right". Report
Aren't we just playing lesser of the two evils here? Despite the 'lower' calories, how is 20+ grams of sugar in just one Cadbury Egg a better option for anyone? Report
I am 68 years young and I taste tested the first Cadbury's Eggs in our school. ST John's Church of England school.
We were given halk of 2 different eggs. On e was the creme egg and the other was a white Marshmallow inside. None od my class like the Marshmallow and we were happy that our choice won.
I was definitly around 8 years old and never thought they would be around this long Pat in Maine, Muust be over 60 years I must Google them . Report
i eat a kitkat mini and that is it, i am not much for candy and only eat dark chocolate as it is much better for you than regular chocolate Report
I disagree with it being "healthier" (or less unhealthy). The PB has 2x the protein, less SATURATED fat, no cholesterol and 2/3rds of the carbs. You can't JUST look at calories and fat. That is not the big picture. There is NO redeeming quality at all in a CCE. Report
Yay I guessed right!

I don't celebrate Easter and don't have any candy or chocolate bunnies in the house.
I guess it is a good thing that my have Easter treat is Peeps!!!!! Report
In the past I lived for my Cadbury eggs. This year, when they first showed up, I bought 2. Had the one, but did not enjoy it as I have in the past. The taste thrill was not there anymore. I did eat the other, and realized I would not be buying any more of them, they just don't do the same thing for me anymore. Really not about the caloires etc. They just don't give me that taste any more.... Report
It would have been nice to have a more comprehensive comparison. I can do the comparison between two eggs in the store by picking them up and looking at the two. Including a more comprehensive look at different options would have actually been useful.
Wow! That article certainly stopped me in my tracks. I bought easter candy for my boys and yes I had my eye on one of the Reese peanut butter eggs. However, now I am having second thoughts. Report
Oh boy. After reading the article I have the desire to go buy some easter candy... for the memories of childhood. Loved those malted chocolate ones. Report
I'm planning on skipping Easter candy this year, but that's because I will be visiting my favorite chocolate store in two weeks and I'd rather use my "indulgence points" there. Report
I made 24 coconut easter cupcakes with 2 small cadbury's chocolate eggs on top. 2 stay in the house, one for me and one for the hubs. The rest I'm taking to work with me. Report
Nutritional aspects aside, you can't beat Reese's. Report
Thanks Bluec5kitten!
I feel the same way based on your findings. Report
I eat ONE or maybe half of one and stop. In October, my mother gave me a little bag of hershey's kisses and I still have about 1/3 of the bag - AND whenever I take ONE, I give one to my husband also. I love chocolate - but not enough to wear it on my body. So an occasional taste is just fine. They are always nearby, if I want one. Report
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