Food Finds: Blue Bunny Light Personal Ice Cream

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My boyfriend is an ice cream fiend. I'm lactose intolerant, so I can't indulge in the rich, creamy treat, but he will eat any flavor, any variety, any time. His trouble is that if he buys a pint, he'll eat a pint. If we buy a quart, he'll eat a quart (over a few days).

On my way to pick up frozen broccoli, I was distracted by a sale on ice cream. I usually pass by single-serve products in lieu of family-size or bulk foods, but these were on sale 3 for $2.

At about 67 cents each, these Blue Bunny Personal Ice Creams were a great deal. And, upon further inspection of the freezer case, they come in light!
Light Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream
1/2 cup serving
(The ice cream has two servings per container, which is the only aspect I dislike.)
130 calories
5 g fat
3 g fiber
2.5 g saturated fat
18 g carbs
10 g sugar

Fred ate the entire container (still only 260 calories). He was a fan, and he still has Light Bunny Tracks and Super Chunky Cookie Dough in the freezer! (I don't think he noticed the ice cream was "Light.")

(Other Light flavors are: Double Strawberry, Super Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.)

Have you tried these? What did you think?

Photo: from Blue Bunny website

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4LMHJCR 5/11/2017
I had seen these it the store over 10 years ago where we use to live and like you when they were on sale, I brought some home and hubby and I both enjoyed them. Hubby will eat the whole thing in one sitting too! Hubby is not a big ice cream fanatic, but I love my ice cream and when they would go on sale, I would stock up on them. I have not seen them since we moved a few years ago. Report
Thanks for the info. and in your case "What Fred doesn't know will actually help him, tee hee". Report
I am going to look for these in the store! This is less calories that sherbert. Report
I haven't tried these (I tend to stick to the more economical sized containers as well). However, Blue Bunny's Strawberry Banana frozen yogurt and Edy's Light YOGURT BLENDS ..... Caramel Pecan Crunch .... YUMMY ----- FAB-U-LICIOUS!!! They run about 100-120 calories for a half of a cup serving as well. Report
Hope Target stocks all the flavors all the time!!! Report
I love this stuff! And its proportioned properly! Report
I LOVE ice cream!! I hope my store has the same deal yours did! I'm going to look for these tonight. :) Thanks!! Report
I have to look for these also....yummy Report
I definitely would like to try these and think it's a great idea for people who can't stop and will eat the whole container. I do wonder if it would be cheaper to buy a 1/2 gallon though and ration it out. My husband and I have just gotten to the point where we can stop eating after one serving. It's a totally new concept for us but we seem to be in control...for once! Report
I discovered these a couple of months ago and fell in love. It's a great way to get my ice cream fix, and they're delicious! Report
I've always been a big Weight Watchers ice cream or skinny cow fan. It seems like a great way to have my ice cream and get my fiber with little calories. I'll have to try the blue bunny singles, I hadn't heard of them yet. Report
I have not tried these but the sweet freedom bars are really good. I just don't eat them now because my stomach says, "NO" very lactose. Report
I love the Blue Bunny sweet freedom bars, just discovered them, while trying to find an ice cream I could eat besides weight watchers. Will be looking for the personal size now as well. Report
These personal Blue Bunny Light ice creams are delicious! Even if you can't control yourself and eat the whole container (1 cup) instead of half, you still have a great treat that tastes sinful with fairly low calories. I tried the chocolate raspberry cheesecake and compared to the real thing, this light ice cream was a real bargain but satisfied my craving just as well. Report
I'm so in the mood for icecream. I think next time I'm out grocery shopping, I might grab these to get my fix. Report
My husband and I found them while camping. We both try and eat the light ice cream. They were a great treat. Report
bettybo5 , i love these you can get them @ giant groucery stores 10/for 10--thats 1.00 each.i love the banana split,& the bunny tracks flavors, ahh!!!!wonderful Report
I would try these, especially the lite peanut butter fudge, yummy!! Report
I tried the Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake last night because it was on sale for $.88 each! I only ate half, since I knew that was one serving. I was satisfied with that because I was just happy to be able to eat ice cream and have something sweet! The flavors were good, and honestly, I couldn't tell it was light. Made my day to have such a treat! Report
does krogers or walmart carry them. I may try them for a treat once a week Report
Blue Bunny regular vanilla tastes justlike homemade ice cream and the light is just as good! Have to look for the single serving though, we haven't seen those! Report
Thanks for the tip; I will try it. I'm always looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner and the Blue Bunny ice cream is always good! Report
Sounds good to me, I will have to try it! I love ice cream! Report
I love the bunny tracks flavor of this but it's still really high in calories in my opinion since the container holds two servings and obviously I'm going to eat the whole container if it signifies an individual portion.

But any Blue Bunny ice cream is delicious. Report
I'm really bad about ice cream too, I'll eat whatever the container I buy is, especially those ben and jerry's half pints! They're over a thousand calories if you eat the whole thing! I'll definitely be checking into this. Report
i love these blue bunny icecream singles. i am a terrible out of control person when it comes to icecream, my favorite brand being blue bunny. i used to buy sugar free ( not really less calories- i was just having blood sugar problems at the time) well i'm sooo bad i've been know to eat the whole quart -sometimes it takes 2 days to do it...bad i know. so i've really been trying to just buy the personals ( and for me the 2 servings is my one) but alot better than befores serving size so i don't even let that bother me, in fact i get a praise to myself to limiting myself to just buying the personal size. I wish they would rotate a few more flavors now and then, i don't care for the rasberry cheesecake nor the peanutbutter. I do know that I can only splurge and buy 1 container at a time, or on a bad day I would eat as many as I owned Report
I love the light bunny tracks, the double strawberry, and other one I love is called chocolate raspberry cheesecake- so good! I either eat half of it and put the rest back for later or eat the whole thing, plus i reuse the container for leftovers at the house its great! Report
Love ice cream, but , it is soooo hard to stop eating.
I noticed Blue Bunny brand at our Wal Mart Super Center.

I will try it!
No ice cream for me

: ( Report
I am a big fan of Blue Bunny ice cream but we don't carry the individual sized ones in our store but I have 1/2 bowls that I eat my ice cream out of so that is all I can eat is what will fit in the bowl. Report
I've never truly been a fan of ice cream. I have to be in the mood for it and that's beyond rare. But IF and when I want ice cream it has to be a caramel sundae from McDonald's lol. I also tried and loved the skinny cow products. But I'm so not into ice cream Report
It sounds really great so I must look for them next time I go to town Report
I love this new personal size. I ate only one serving and it almost made me feel like I was cheating. I had light tin roof sundae or something like that. It was not one of the flavors in the article and it had strips of chocolate in it and carmel and so delicious. The sale I got was $1 each. Wonderful, although I do not like using Splenda...but until I get rid of this sometime sweet tooth, I'll grin and eat it. LOL. Report
I discovered Blue Bunny Ice Cream when I was in graduate school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I always consider myself an ice cream expert of sorts. This brand is excellent way better than Turkey Hill or Breyer's.............I am so glad that they have a personal size under 300 calories. I will try this for myself thanks for this article. Report
I always saw my skinny-as-a-rail ex-roommate eating these, but I never thought to look for them (I'll admit to being a Ben & Jerry's fangirl). As soon as I'm back in the States I'll be trying these! I do recall seeing them at Wegman's and Giant/Martin's- but that's in PA, so I don't know what it's like in the other states x.x Report
I buy these when they're on sale because I can control myself better with this portion vs. a 1/2 gallon container. For some reason I find an excuse to eat another spoon full when I have the 1/2 gallon--and then I've eaten 3 servings in one standing! So, that's why I like the personals--avoid temptation! They taste YUMMY too. My favorite is the chocolate brownie flavor. Report
Sounds good to me! Anything that says ice cream is my thing.! Report
yummy Blue Bunny light ice cream.....have not tried the little ones but have had it in 1/2 gal. size in the freezer during the summer. They have a lot of flavors and if you can control yourself, is a nice little sweet treat. Report
I haven't tried this yet, but I am going to! Report
I love these smaller containers. I buy them and split them with my husband. If he's not around, then I'll stick half of it back in the freezer for later. Report
Even better than these "light" Blue Bunny singles are the Sweet Freedom products from Blue Bunny. Their fudge bars are only 35 calories apiece. The ice cream bars and even the ice cream sandwiches are very taste and are a good guilt-free sweet treat. Report
I haven't seen a Blue Bell ice cream since I left Texas! :-( They are probably delicious but I will never know. Report
I have had these wonderful treats in the past and they are a great way to satisfy cravings without feeling guilty. Report
I looked at my local Walmart several times; no luck. I could not find this. I was very dissapointed. Report
I think this is something I would like to try. Sounds yummy! Report
I bought 'em for my son last night, and he thinks they're great! Report
Too many carbs and probably too many fake ingredients. I'd rather make my own so I know what's in it. Report
I love blue bunny ic cream but i didnt know they did lite do i need to go to the store cause i miss ice cream Report
i have not tried these, but I have and LOVE the frozen yogurt kind!! I will have to look for these! Report
Blue Bunny is great ice cream - tastes like homemade, light or regular. Be prepared to savor the taste! Report
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