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Coach Nancy is a woman who knows her running gear. You can always count her for advice on the latest and greatest shoes, accessories and clothes. For a few years now, she has been raving about something called a Road ID.

Last year, I started attending my boyfriend's bike races, where, it seemed, all the cyclists wore one. I decided to learn more. The co-founder of the company, it turns out, is an avid cyclist, and it was while training for a marathon that he was inspired to start Road ID with his father.

The back story is here
.  They say: If you can’t speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you.

Though they have several products, most of them are bracelets that you wear while exercising.  They also have shoe pouches and anklets.  With Daylight Saving Time coming up this weekend, and shorter, darker days just around the corner, we thought it was a perfect time to host a giveaway with Road ID!

They say: If you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete or just a person who doesn't sit on the couch all day, Road ID is for you. This awesome piece of gear not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. Available in 6 different styles. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind.

After discovering that Road ID is not only a company that's focused on healthy living, like SparkPeople is,  but also one that's based in nearby northern Kentucky, I reached out to them. Road ID agreed to let several SparkPeople employees try their products--and my co-workers and I were thrilled with our Road IDs! (Psst, Road ID is giving some away to you as well!)

Just like the products themselves, our employees are using them for a variety of uses: Tanya wears her while walking and biking through her neighborhood before dawn each morning. I wear mine while running, as does Jen. She loves her shoe pouch: It was easy to order, fun to customize, and arrived quickly--and came with a coupon for a friend! The shoe tag doesn't get in her way.

I have a Wrist ID Sport, and it's great. It came in purple, my favorite color, had room for all my important contact info, and fits comfortably on my wrist. (The Road IDs even come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that's right for your body.)

The cutest Road ID story has to be Samantha's. Her young son, Jacob, wore it on his first long bike ride--35 miles! Not only did Jacob feel "official," but it put his mom's mind at ease. What a cutie!

We didn't hear any negative comments from the people who tried the Road IDs. Everyone thought they were convenient and an easy way to feel safe while out on the road.

Some of their comments:
  • Love feeling "safe" on the road.  It's now part of my routine: lace up my shoes, put on my Road ID, and head out the door!
  • I think these would be great for kids who walk to school because it's dark in the mornings.
  • Now that I have to walk in the dark, I feel like I need my Road ID even more. It even has a reflective strip.
Not an athlete? Consider getting one if you have a life-threatening allergy, diabetes or other health condition that people should know about.

Road ID is giving away two $35 Road ID ecards--more than enough for you to get the Road ID of your choice, plus accessories. Thank you, Road ID!

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today! Winners will be notified via email by dailySpark editor Stepfanie Romine.

Do you have a Road ID? What would you use yours for? 

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  • 28
    I don't have a Road ID, but I would use mine for walks and runs! - 11/5/2011   11:15:50 AM
  • 27
    I've had mine since I started running outdoors, five years ago. Never head out without it! - 11/5/2011   11:12:35 AM
  • 26
    Several police officers have suggested to me that I always carry ID when I am taking my walks. However most of my workout clothes do not have pockets, making carrying ID difficult. This is a great idea! I absolutely want one! - 11/5/2011   10:47:52 AM
  • 25
    Definitely one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. For anyone with health issues and trying to stay healthy it just makes sense. WooHoo. Good luck everyone ~ Donna - 11/5/2011   10:47:38 AM
  • 24
    I don;t have one but would love one...what a GREAT idea!! As someone with cardiac problems i get nervous when i walk away from home, and it really limits where i let myself go. this would really give me some piece of mind!! If i dont win, i will ask for one for Christmas!! - 11/5/2011   9:55:05 AM
  • 23
    I'm big on safety, so I've had one for a couple of years, and I love it. I wear mine pretty much all the time, because I'm the kind of person who would forget to put it on if I had to think about it too often, and I'm out biking everyday anyway. Since I almost always ride alone, it's nice to know that in the event of an accident, my family could be notified, and all my relevant medical information would be easily accessible.

    There is one limitation to these devices that I would like to mention. They are still fairly new, and I'm not sure enough people in the emergency response community recognize them. Over time, this will probably become less of a problem, but here's my story.

    Back in April when I was experiencing an extra heavy dose of stress at work, I went out for a lunch time walk thinking (of course!) that I would be doing myself some good. But no... I distractedly stepped in a sidewalk pothole, fell, hit my head, and broke my glasses. I was conscious, but I wasn't sure if I was okay. My forehead was bleeding, and I would not have been able to see well enough without glasses to dial my cell phone.

    Bystanders called an ambulance, and I was transported about 3 miles to Howard University Hospital, in Washington, D.C. By the time I was all done, I had 22 stitches. Including the $450 ambulance ride, that "healthy" lunch time walk cost my insurer about $1,500.

    Neither the paramedics who transported me to the hospital, nor the hospital triage staff had ever seen or heard of a Road ID before. I encouraged them to use it for stuff I couldn't quite remember, but they weren't interested. Perhaps if I had been unconscious, they would have been more motivated to look for the bracelet and check it.
    - 11/5/2011   9:07:31 AM
  • 22
    I've worn my Road ID for two years now when I hike or bike and love it. I have the ankle type so I don't have tan lines on my wrist, a girl thing, and it is always packed with the rest of my gear. I don't leave home without it. So much safer than carrying my drivers license and it contains all the info needed in an emergency. - 11/5/2011   9:06:39 AM
  • 21
    I often try to win these, but this one would be awesome. I've seen these around and love them, but just can't afford to get one. As an semi-avid bike rider, it would be just the thing. - 11/5/2011   8:08:44 AM
  • 20
    I would love to win one. I like to walk and I have an allergic reaction to codeine it would be nice to have that on. Good luck everyone! Have a Spark Day!! - 11/5/2011   7:46:26 AM
  • 19
    I looked at the products and am interested in the lights for the grandkids who ride bikes at night. And the ID for a friend with Alzheimers - 11/5/2011   7:31:01 AM
    I hope to win this bracelet. I am feeling lucky this morning. Until I will just have to have pockets to carry my identification. - 11/5/2011   5:50:15 AM
  • 17
    I have a medic alert bracelet that I wear everywhere. You have to pay an annual fee for it but it is totally worth it if you have any serious medical conditions and/or severe allergies. I think people who are healthy should have the road ID or some kind of ID on them when they are out jogging, walking or biking. You just never know when something might happen and you aren't able to talk for yourself. For medical personal, having basic info and emergency contact info can be life saving. - 11/5/2011   4:05:04 AM
  • 16
    I'm to frugal to pay $35 for something like that, but I know at Walmart, you can get a metal ID tag stamped out for a couple of dollars. - 11/5/2011   3:17:37 AM
  • 15
    That is one thing that I need because of all my allergies to antibiotics and other drugs that the doctors give me. Have been looking for something that is big to have all of my stuff that I am allergic to and can't take. - 11/5/2011   12:30:23 AM
  • 14
    I've had my Road ID for about a year now and wear it every time I hop on my bike for my road cycling. You never know what might happen on a 50-100 mile trip! Or even a 10 mile commute to work!

    Don - 11/5/2011   12:27:51 AM
  • 13
    I don't have one yet but have been thinking about it for a while. I'd use mine for biking especially as I sometimes bike at night. - 11/5/2011   12:25:21 AM
  • 12
    One these would be great. I am a diabetic and would love to win one of these I.D.'s!! - 11/4/2011   11:59:06 PM
  • 11
    WOW This is the greatest idea ever! As a rural walker, and as a RV traveler who goes out hiking and biking this is absolutely a "must have" So, if I dont win one, I want to buy one. Thanks for making me aware of its existence! SP you are all so awesome! Kudos to all staff, coaches and bloggers. SuperSparks! - 11/4/2011   11:40:54 PM
  • JAY75REY
    Sounds like a good product. I'd put my medicine allergies on it for safety. I'm going to look into the medic alert bracelet also. However, I feel like the medic alert draws unwanted attention from nosy people. I'd rather have something that looks more sporty like a wristwatch (the road id) or like jewelry. - 11/4/2011   11:06:04 PM
  • 9
    I always try to have my cell phone with me, but sometimes its a pain. I think my brother has something that he puts around his ankle or maybe in the laces of his shoe. I can't remember if its from Road ID or not. Either way...Great products, great idea.

    And thanks for the chance to win all these great products! - 11/4/2011   10:28:08 PM
  • 8
    I would love to have a Road ID for my youngest son. He is autistic/limited verbal, so even if he is not injured, he has difficulty communicating his information to others, especially strangers. I understand that MedicAlert bracelets are the "norm" for advising of medical conditions, but I think the Road ID will store more info and will be less apparent making it easier to get my son to wear it. Great Idea! Hope I win!!! - 11/4/2011   10:24:20 PM
  • 7
    WOW! I never thought to carry I.d. or emergency instructions. I'm on my own road through the woods, and I do notice alot of various tracks, but never think about an emergency. What a great concept! I do stick to daylight since I hear packs of coyotes and wolves. Who knows what else!! - 11/4/2011   10:15:23 PM
  • 6
    I wear TWO road ID's. One says the usual emergency info and the other says to PLEASE LOOK FOR MY DOGS, just in case something should happen to me and they might be scared and run off. - 11/4/2011   8:41:20 PM
  • 5
    My husband and I each have the Shoe ID. It attaches to your shoelaces so you never have to take it off. I run knowing that if something went wrong someone will find my name and information to call my husband or my mother in law.

    I have also bought them for my brother in law and my students at school who are runners. $20 for piece of mind. - 11/4/2011   8:21:21 PM
  • 4
    what a great idea!! - 11/4/2011   8:18:52 PM
  • 3
    Don't have a Road ID but always put my business card in my pocket with all the contacts as well as cell phone with ICE (in case of emergency) number programmed in it. - 11/4/2011   7:42:59 PM
    My DH and I both have a road ID and we feel much better about being out and about in case anything happens to either of us. With this ID I don't worry about carrying a cumbersome wallet or a driver's license in my sock, etc. when I go running. I recommend this to anyone who trains outside on a regular basis. - 11/4/2011   7:12:48 PM

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