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Chain restaurants are convenient, and their large menus are full of tasty temptations that try to veer us off our healthy path. Salt, sugar and fat are their ingredients of choice.

You've learned how to maneuver the calorie jungle and avoid chain restaurants' fat bombs and salt-laden landmines. Now we want you to share your secrets!

Introducing the SparkRecipes Un-Chained Recipe Contest.

Entering the contest is easy.

  • Choose a dish from your favorite chain restaurant and make it over. Then share the recipe with us. (Need inspiration? Check out Tanya's Food on the Run and Diet-Friendly Dining series.)
  • Upload your recipe--and at least one photo of your creation--to SparkRecipes.com. The title must include the name of your recipe and the words "Unchained Recipe Contest."
  • Your recipe must be original--not from a cookbook or website.
  • One recipe per person per category (fast food and casual dining).
  • The recipe must be created specifically for the contest.
  • In the description of the recipe, tell us what dish you're making over, what restaurant it came from, and why you chose that particular dish.
  • Be sure to include all the nutritional info for your dish (recipes that have incomplete or false nutritional info will be disqualified) and give a complete list of ingredients and directions.
  • Each member may submit one recipe in each category: Fast Food and Casual Dining.

Members can make and vote on the recipes, helping SparkPeople will choose 10 semi-finalists. Our tasting panel will make all the semifinalist recipes, and we will choose a winner.

All semifinalists will win a $25 Spark Certificate for merchandise at SparkPeopleStore.com, and the two winners will receive a high-performance Vita-Mix 5200 blender, worth $450.

Click here to see the official rules and terms for the contest.

Don't miss your chance to enter. Below is the timeline for the contest!

Saturday, Oct. 31: deadline to enter recipes

Nov. 2-7: SparkPeople chooses the top 10 recipes.

Nov. 9-13: SparkPeople's taste panel will test the top 10 recipes.

Nov. 2-13: Members will vote on their favorite recipes by rating them at SparkRecipes.com.

Friday, Nov. 20: Winners will be announced on dailySpark and the SparkRecipes homepage!

Are you going to enter the contest? Have questions? Ask them in the comments below. I'll be happy to answer them!

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  • 46
    I've entered my recipe, yummy. THANKX SP!!! Again and again. - 10/29/2009   2:29:58 PM
  • 45
    Why can't they have a Canadian Contest???? - 10/26/2009   5:45:36 PM
  • 44
    I like to create my own recipes and love to cook, BUT rarely eat out, so I wouldn't know just what the restaurants are serving. - 10/25/2009   9:39:46 PM
    My sister has a VitaMix and it makes the best juices. - 10/23/2009   10:24:37 AM
    I would love to enter but I don't have a printer or scanner to do it with.I look forward to seeing the recipes though. - 10/23/2009   3:36:06 AM
    oops....just read the rules...only one per category.......and has to be something I hadn't already posted......wow.....I better get to work.......hmmm....what should I makeover??? - 10/22/2009   3:43:32 PM

    OMGosh....this is right up my alley - I'm currently in the process of writing a cookbook that it main focus is recreating restaurant or family favorites to a more healthy version. It's all about adapting our plates!!!! I'll be submitting some of my favorites - check out my recreated version of the Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana Soup......I know you will LOVE it. I loved the soup so much and HAD to figure out how to make it....so I did....and I forwarded it on to a "copycat" website years ago and it has received many many great comments there. Of course that was the full fat version, but I promise this lighter version is even better!!! - 10/22/2009   2:43:32 PM
    Upload your recipe--and at least one photo of your creation--to SparkRecipes.com. The title must include the name of your recipe and the words "Unchained Recipe Contest."
    - 10/21/2009   8:16:36 AM
  • 38
    I'd love to have one too.. - 10/21/2009   4:57:36 AM
  • 37
    i couldn't agree more with CARPENSM. SP should open up to people around the world. - 10/20/2009   8:16:05 PM
  • 36
    Its very disappointing that since I live in Canada I can't enter this or any other Sparkpeople contests. I really think this is something that should be addressed in the future as a good number of the members are Canadian.

    Thank you for listening :) - 10/20/2009   6:51:21 PM
  • 35
    I would love to enter - the Vitamix is something that I have wanted for a long time...but as a Canadian - no dice! Oh well... :( - 10/20/2009   12:14:56 PM
  • 34
    We haven't eaten in a chain restaurant for a looooooooooooong time, but man, I could use a new blender! I look forward to seeing the results. I'm a bit put off by the rule that it has to be made up for the contest - I have some great tweaks on Chinese fast food/takeout, namely Panda Express' eggplant & tofu in garlic sauce, but I created it long ago for my blog.... - 10/20/2009   11:21:14 AM
  • 33
    This is a great idea and I look forward to seeing the recipes you creative cooks send in. I'm not so good at this sort of thing, so I won't be entering. - 10/20/2009   10:17:56 AM
  • 32
    Where do we post the recipe? - 10/20/2009   8:58:42 AM
  • 31
    my husband cooks....awe...that is my problem.....lol - 10/20/2009   7:40:22 AM
  • 30
    I hate to cook but look forward to the recipe makeovers! - 10/19/2009   4:46:31 PM
    I haven't cooked in years. - 10/19/2009   4:28:36 PM
    nice - 10/19/2009   3:48:11 PM
  • 27
    Looking forward to seeing the results. I'm not too adventurous when cooking and lack imagination for clever changes! - 10/19/2009   3:21:14 PM
  • 26
    I would but I'm not the best cook! - 10/19/2009   1:56:07 PM
  • 25
    I don't have a talent for making original recipes, but I'm looking forward to seeing the winning recipes and trying some of them out. - 10/19/2009   12:46:05 PM
  • 24
    wow! $450 worth blender.. I would love one.. Only thing is I am not that good cook .LOL - 10/19/2009   12:35:33 PM
  • 23
    wow! $450 worth blender.. I would love one.. Only thing is I am not that good cook .LOL - 10/19/2009   12:35:14 PM
  • 22
    Wishing all the "permanent legal U.S. residents physically residing in the fifty (50) United States of America and the District of Columbia. " all the best in this contest... - 10/19/2009   12:30:10 PM
    What a GREAT idea!!! - 10/19/2009   12:15:29 PM
  • TERI99
    Sounds fun! - 10/19/2009   12:13:52 PM
  • 19
    sounds interesting I should try one... - 10/19/2009   12:04:46 PM
    What fun - can't wait to see the results. - 10/19/2009   11:54:11 AM
  • 17
    I look forward to see how they trun out..

    - 10/19/2009   11:51:26 AM
  • 16
    I won't have time to enter, but I think this is a wonderful idea! I look forward to the winning entries. - 10/19/2009   11:39:10 AM
  • 15
    I am going to have to look and see if i can find a good recipe to enter thanks - 10/19/2009   11:36:56 AM
  • 14
    This is exciting and fun! I'm going to see if one of my recipes is good enough to enter. - 10/19/2009   11:31:22 AM
  • 13
    Wow. This sounds really fun. Wish I could enter but not sure I'll have the time. - 10/19/2009   11:05:58 AM
  • 12
    Not a chance of me entering (I only follow recipes, I don't MAKE them!), but I'm interested to see what recipes people come up with - especially if they can make a healthy version of Chicken Con Broccoli from The Olive Garden - it's may favorite, but way too unhealthy for my eating habits these days. - 10/19/2009   11:05:17 AM
  • 11
    I can't wait to see the entries! - 10/19/2009   10:28:57 AM
    Official rules and conditions: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource
    (Also linked in the blog post) - 10/19/2009   10:21:40 AM
    Can non-US residents participate in the contest? - 10/19/2009   10:12:05 AM
  • 8
    Yay! You know I'm excited, Stepf! - 10/19/2009   10:07:02 AM
    One recipe per person per category (fast food and casual dining).
    The recipe must be created specifically for the contest. - 10/19/2009   9:44:43 AM
  • 6
    Is there a limit on how many recipes one person is allowed to enter? Do we need to give the calorie/ nutrition chart? - 10/19/2009   9:39:44 AM
  • 5
    I think this is a marvelous idea ! I'm going to think about entering. I do have a particularly yummy chili recipe.
    - 10/19/2009   9:37:25 AM
  • 4
    I would like to enter...but I also wonder if I can use a recipe of my own that I already posted in SparkRecipes.
    I read that I can enter one in each category but what about one I already posted? - 10/19/2009   9:17:21 AM
  • 3
    This Canadian cannot enter, even though I have a US alternate address because I am not a "legal resident physically residing in the 50 states." sighhhhh. - 10/19/2009   8:17:51 AM
  • 2
    I have owned the Vita Mixer before and its a fabulous blender. It crushes seeds and pulverizes even the skin on oranges and apples and other kinds of fruit for a fruit smoothie. I too am wondering if you can only enter once in each catagory. - 10/19/2009   8:07:29 AM
  • 1
    Can this recipe be one that we have posted here on spark that is our own????
    And it there a limit on the number of recipes you can enter??
    please let me know .....
    I have to decide which one to enter...
    thank you
    Mic - 10/19/2009   7:27:17 AM

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