Angelina Slims Down with Video Games


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How is mother of six Angelina Jolie shedding what little bit of baby weight she gained with her twins?
By playing video games with her children.
According to OK! Magazine, Jolie's oldest son, 7-year-old Maddox, tried to convince his mom that video games were more than just fun. They can teach you, too, he set out to prove as he took her to the Nintendo DS website. They discovered the Let's Pilates video game, and Jolie soon became hooked. Now the svelte actress is practicing Pilates for an hour three times a week with the game system, and she's up to the highest level.

I love the idea of combining fitness and technology. I'm all thumbs when it comes to most video games, and I never really evolved past Pac-Man, but some of the new fitness games appeal to me.

Plus, the Nintendo DS is portable, which makes it easy to exercise when you're away from home.

Have you ever tried one of the fitness video games? Would you?

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  • 142
    Wii tennis elbow was actually considered a sports related injury, don't judge. - 4/5/2011   10:44:35 PM
  • 141
    Love my Wii Fit Plus, Walk it Out, and EA Active! I stay compliant and don't get bored! - 10/17/2010   10:58:46 AM
  • 140
    We recently ended up with a Wii as a gift for my kid, and it came with the Wii Sport Resort. Then I kept reading here on SP about the Wii Fit and Fit Plus. Was able to snag a good deal on a brand new balance board with the Wii Fit, unopened, NIB, and really enjoyed that. So I planned to keep my eyes open for a new Wii Fit Plus game on eBay (why pay full price at Big Box Store when someone likely has it cheaper on eBay or even as trade on SwapTree?)....and my kid knew that. But I ended up getting it as a gift from my husband and the kid and wow, I really like it better! It shows the calories burned as well as the time. At first, I was irked that it would only allow me a 32 (?) pound weight loss goal (I can't remember!), but now that I am using it and actually making some tracks towards reaching that goal - I can see now it helps break the overall 120+ weight that I need to lose into a much more "viable" and reachable SERIES of goals.

    Plus IT IS OPEN CAPTIONED!!!!!! so I don't feel cheated out not understanding what the trainer says. So many of the commercially available exercise videos and dvds are NOT captioned, and there's this endless chatter, so I never know what is important to struggle to understand and what's just chatter ("you can do it" "yea" whatever end up being distracting and then when they say something important, I've missed it because I thought it was more chatter.). - 8/17/2010   11:46:13 AM
  • 139
    I like working out with video games! Anything that has a hint of competition or earning rewards (even if it's just a number, like Sparkpoints!) gets me going and motivated. At this stage in my weight loss journey, I'm finding that the fitness video games that I have don't work me enough, but they are a great addition to an active day. As a whole, people around here are too sedentary, especially if you love video games, so I think these kind of games help SO much in adding activity and trying to get out of a sedentary lifestyle. - 5/19/2010   9:18:15 AM
  • MREID57
    I love my Wii. I have Wii Fit,Fit Plus, Active, Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing and a few others to alternate so I don't get bored. Also getting out and walking on nice days breaks up the routine. The Wii games are a lot of fun though and I usually don't realized how long I've played. :-) - 2/22/2010   11:16:52 PM
  • 137
    Thanks to Wii, I got off the couch and started to move. I never would have thought in a million years that a video game could change my life! So far I have lost 43 pounds !! - 2/20/2010   8:19:15 AM
  • 136
    I love Wii Fit, but I don't use it as often as I used to. What's truly got me hooked is new Wii game called "Walk It Out." I've played it an hour a day almost every day in the month since it was released. For the game, you basically march in place or around your living room, like in those Leslie Sansone exercise DVDs. But for every step you take in rhythm (and the songs are great!) then you earn points and can "spend" them unlocking thousands of features in your surroundings. I fine myself happily marching for an hour or more, saving up to buy houses, cars, trees, etc. It's like walking combined with Monopoly -- it's really fun and really addictive. As for the workout, well, my heart rate doesn't go quite as high as when I walk outside (which isn't possible right now with the snow anyway) but I am 100% certain that this is doing me lots of good. For one thing, it's an extra hour a day in which I am standing and moving around instead of sitting. Secondly, if I do this in the morning, I find myself much more energized throughout the rest of the day. So, that's my favorite exercise video game. - 2/16/2010   1:40:24 AM
  • 135
    I don't have a Wii but I have a Playstation 2 that is great for Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). Its like what you find in an arcade. DDR comes with a dance pad and its great because it has a workout mode where you can keep track of calories burned. On top of that, it is so much fun!!! - 2/12/2010   11:22:21 AM
    No I do not have any videos but have been looking into the wii fit. - 2/12/2010   8:51:12 AM
  • 133
    Yes, I enjoy Wii Active. I find myself wanting to do more, but don't want to over do it. - 2/10/2010   4:08:15 PM
  • TRINAC02
    I haven't tried a game for the DS although my kids have one, but I do use my wii. I use the active and I have wii fit, and my husband just purchased the wii fit plus, which by the way I love. I was thinking about trying some of the other workout ones but the games can sometimes be expensive. - 2/5/2010   8:24:50 PM
    I go to exercise class and Curves. That's my workout - 2/2/2010   7:22:21 AM
  • 130
    Well I'm all about the game excersizing!!!!I have lost 30 pounds using wii fit plus and the biggest loser. Hey I might be inside but i'm FINALLY off my behind. - 1/24/2010   9:51:18 AM
  • 129
    We unfortunately do not own a Wii (yet) :) but my boyfriend has a DS that gets little to no use (unless we are traveling) but after reading this blog I will definitely have to invest in the Lets Pilates! Also, thanks for letting me know that there is a Lets Yoga as well! I love yoga as an alternative to an intense cardio or strenght training workout so even with bad weather (or lazy) days I will still be able to get a good workout in! - 1/21/2010   11:35:07 AM
  • 128
    I work out on my wii alot. I have the wii ea active & wii fit. I can't wait to get the new versions of these. I've heard they have a lot of different exercises. The fun part is more than half of the time u don't even know u are exercising! - 1/13/2010   3:01:31 PM
    i work out on my wii alot...i love it. its fun and excerise at the same time - 1/8/2010   12:13:31 PM
  • 126
    We got the Wii Fit with the Balance board, and used it pretty regularly, but that got a little old. Then, we bought the EA Active, and that was a nicer workout. I lost 25 lbs in 6 months on that program alone. Over the holidays, we received the new Wii Fit Plus and the EA Active upgrade. Nice to keep things fresh, and best of all, it works in the privacy of our own home! - 1/5/2010   11:37:43 AM
  • 125
    The first time I played Wii I was at a friend's house. After playing the bowling game, I HURT for a week from using muscles I wasn't used to using. After that we got one for our kids. Playground has some great games to get you moving, like teather ball, kicks (like soccer and kickball) and a few others. But, my new all time fave is wii fit. My dh bought it for me for Christmas and I haven't gone a day without using it yet!! Boxing is excellent and so is the obstacle course. I'm hooked on that one and boy does it work up a sweat! - 12/30/2009   11:55:37 AM
  • 124
  • 123
    I've never tried before. My gs has one so I will ask him and get his family involved. - 11/22/2009   8:36:44 AM
    Wii exercise games are wonderful IF you get up off of the couch to play. Do not sit! Get up and take advantage of having fun; you wown't regret it! - 10/27/2009   10:04:36 AM
  • 121
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one concerned about SparkPeople being glad that Angie shed "what little weight she gained." I think she needed that weight - there is no way she's within her healthy range. She has to be underweight. I love her, don't get me wrong - she's a role model in so many ways. I used to have an "Angelina Collage" over my computer desk in my bach pad. But she seriously needs to eat more. - 10/20/2009   10:58:01 PM
  • 120
    I have never participated in any type of game. Recently, as I reviewed the comments on the wii fitness system on Spark I became interested. So interested, I bought the balance board, wii fittness and EA Active. I borrowed the system, and I am now hooked. The games are challenging and the foundation appears sound. I am improving, but will always have new areas to work. As a walker, I have trouble with winter exercise. This is one way I am able to get in some movement and improve my fitness level. - 10/20/2009   2:20:49 PM
  • 119
    I love the Wii and have the Active - it tracks what I'm doing and it does keep me on my toes. I could not believe it would make me work out as much as it does, but it does, it is great! And even if you just have the Wii Sports, you are doing something, the tennis is great! - 7/15/2009   2:32:05 PM
    No i haven't tried any fitness video games, but i plan to soon. My son has a Wii Fit and i plan on trying some of his games next time i visit him. - 7/15/2009   2:16:05 PM
    wii fit is a good start for someone who has been a inactive. Its lite and it shows your progress. i think it will get you on the right track - 6/14/2009   4:54:30 PM
  • 116
    My boss also uses Wii Fit as her exercise program nowaday and she seems to like it. I am not quite sure, though, that why skinny people like her needs to slim down with Wii Fit? - 5/2/2009   10:54:57 AM
    I do love using the Wii Fit ! - 4/27/2009   7:17:06 AM
  • 114
    Our family has a Wii, so I guess that does count as a video game! Most of the Wii Sports games that come with the console are not really strenuous....boxing may be the exception! Mario Kart is just sedentary racing, except that your arms get tired. The Wii Fit does have some things I'd consider exercise....the Basic Step is an up and moving game!

    FYI: You can track Wii Fit minutes in the Fitness Tracker. Do a search for "Wii" and you should find a beginner level and also a more advanced level that can be tracked. - 4/16/2009   11:16:11 AM
  • 113
    I have a Wii Fit and do enjoy it. I am just not really sure if it is exercise. I do not know how to track the exercise I do on it either. - 4/7/2009   12:41:54 PM
  • 112
    I currently own a Nintendo DS and purchased Let's Yoga and Let's Pilates--so far I have tried the Yoga program and love it. I still need to try the Pilates program. I also have a Wii Fit. - 2/16/2009   11:57:27 PM
    I got the Wii and Wii Fit a couple of months ago and it has really helped me become more active. It's so easy to turn on and fit 10 minutes in a couple of times a day, right in my own living room, and it's much more fun than riding the stationery bike! Ya ... our usage dropped off once the initial excitement wore off, but it did get me back into the habit of doing SOMETHING every day, and is now one of a number of different things that I try to fit into a daily routine. - 11/25/2008   9:46:41 AM
  • 110
    Cool im going to have to look for that game
    im getting my son a WII for x-mass and i hope to be able to get the fit for it to - 11/20/2008   11:43:55 PM
  • 109
    I tried a Wii baseball game once...needless to say... I am not a good "game" athelete. - 11/20/2008   9:21:52 PM
  • C_EARL
    I have a DS and didn't even know that they had any fitness games on it!! I thought it was just the Wii. I'll have to look into this for myself!
    - 11/20/2008   2:12:18 PM
    I really want the Wii fit, but I'm so hoping the cost of the Wii itself will go down soon. I just can't see paying so much for one right now, otherwise I'd have it already... if I could find it! - 11/20/2008   12:06:13 PM
    i love my wii fit and want to get jillian michaels wii boot camp. it's on my Christmas list, but not at my walmart yet! - 11/20/2008   10:14:25 AM
  • 105
    I so want a Wii! All the games are interactive and make you move. They are great! It would be a great way to interact with your kids and exercise at the same time. And promotes fitness!!!!!!! - 11/20/2008   9:11:42 AM
    I was planning on getting my son a wii game for christmas. He talked me into it because of the yoga game and now I'm getting excited to play it. I think it's great that video games can be physically active now instead of just sitting in one spot the whole time. - 11/19/2008   11:25:59 PM
    I have a Wii Fit. I love the strength exercises, the running, advanced boxing, and the strength exercises. The game tracks my BMI and weight. It's motivating to see the graph show a steady decline in weight. However, it is just a minimal part of my fitness routine. To me, it's more of a fun activity with a little workout thrown in. - 11/19/2008   11:23:03 PM
    I have already given Santa (my husband) my christmas wish list. The only thing on it is a Wii. I am still debating whether or not I want to share it with the kids. - 11/19/2008   2:28:02 PM
  • 101
    We just purchased a wii sport and the wii fit. It is a fun way to get even the 4 yr. old to exercise instead of just sitting in front to the tv. She loves to run and do yoga. The rest of us enjoy all the various games and exercises. We are hardly watching any tv anymore because someone always wants the wii hooked up. The body test is neat and I like how it helps you set goals and keeps track of your exercise time, etc. for you. I highly recommend it for fun and family fitness. - 11/19/2008   8:25:12 AM
  • 100
    I have been telling my husband for I don't know how long now that I want a wii. I was just at Easter Seal's of Central Ohio the other day and the marketing person was telling me how the use it as therapy now. I think its a great idea and really good for the kids since it seems like a lot of them are more sedentary these days. - 11/18/2008   10:47:44 PM
  • 99
    I haven't tried them but I keep saying I'd like to start doing pilates so maybe I'll give them a try! - 11/18/2008   10:12:00 PM
  • 98
    I want to get the wii fit to add to my wii, so I can do the yoga and pilates on there,sounds fun! - 11/18/2008   9:54:20 PM
  • 97
    We use the Wii at my house. My kids work up a sweat doing the running on Wii Fit and it's great as we use it for family time. I'm sorry - I just can't believe Angelina works out - she looks incredibly frail. There is a huge difference between being thin and toned versus being sickly thin. Remember Josie Maran on Dancing With the Stars? Her dance trainer said repeatedly that it was shocking how un-fit she was. She even said that it was her job to be thin, not fit. - 11/18/2008   7:26:59 PM
  • 96
    Nintendo DS, eh? I had never heard of a Pilates game & I must say it has my interest. I may have to add that to my 'wish-list' this Christmas!
    Hey, if it is fun & exercise too...sounds like a win-win situation to me. Bring it on. - 11/18/2008   5:49:22 PM
  • 95
    This is the first year that my son's Christmas list reflects my own cause I want a Wii to work out too. It takes the sedentary out of the video games which I think is great. We have dance dance revolution and we've worn out the pad we like it so much. I would suggest this activity to any mom that is looking to entertain her kids and get her work out at the same time within the home. - 11/18/2008   2:55:51 PM
  • 94
    I LOVE Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Sports and Wii Fit! I didn't know about the PIlates thing on the Nintendo DS but you can bet that I will purchase it soon now that I know!! - 11/18/2008   2:25:55 PM
  • TANYA7712
    I try to excercise with my Wii Fit. In the past I was'nt really good with keeping a routine. I think with a routine it helps to loose weight. Now I try 10 minutes a day so far. Maybe I'll get it up to more in time. - 11/18/2008   2:07:18 PM

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