A New SKINNY COW Snack, Plus Vote for the 'Perfect Cup'


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New for 2011, SKINNY COW™ has a new Truffle Bar: Low-Fat cookies 'n cream ice cream drizzled with velvety chocolate ribbons! You can have your sweets and eat them, too. (Can you believe they're110 calories? According to those who've tasted them, you won't--they're just that decadent. Swoon!)

Be sure to give the NEW SKINNY COW™ Cookies ‘n Cream Truffle Bars a try, and set a delicious tone for 2011.

You know we're big fans of SKINNY COW™ ice cream snacks around here, and you are too, judging from the awesome response to last year's Perfect Cup events. Those events are back this year, and the dailySpark has the scoop!

Perfect Cups City Voting
Eight out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size cup. SKINNY COW™ has launched delicious ice cream Cups, and wants to help every woman find her perfect cups! Last year, SKINNY COW™ hosted two fun events that let girlfriends enjoy a fun afternoon of indulgence, with low-fat sweet SKINNY COW™ snacks and bra fittings. Get ready for more bra fittings, more ice cream tastings, and lots more Skinny-licious surprises that’ll perk you right up! This summer, SKINNY COW™ is going on the ultimate road trip – hosting bra and ice cream parties in six U.S. cities.

Have a say in where she stops by joining the Perfect Cup Extravaganza on Facebook. Vote for your city now for a chance to bring the Perfect Cup Bra and Ice Cream Extravaganza near your hometown. Hurry, voting closes today, Jan. 31!

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What is your favorite SKINNY COW™ snack?

The SKINNY COW™ is a trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland.

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    This product is OK. I do it occasionally. I am tending to turn to Sherbert instead. Just like the taste. - 2/25/2011   9:43:11 AM
  • 52
    Can;t eat them ... I don't like all the artificial stuff, especially the after-taste. - 2/3/2011   10:56:08 PM
    I love the Skinny Cow ice cream cups! Just the right amount of ice cream and great flavors too! Just last night I had the strawberry cheesecake one! Sometimes I even make them last for 2 servings :) - 2/3/2011   1:59:27 PM
  • 50
    Fudge Mint Cones are our #1 favorite by far. Followed by mint sandwiches and dulce de leche cups - 2/2/2011   1:52:10 PM
    looks and sounds great - 2/2/2011   11:35:34 AM
  • 48
    Thank you Skinny Cow :) - 2/2/2011   10:02:53 AM
  • 47
    I love Skinny Cow! The truffle bars make a great once-in-a-while treat! - 2/2/2011   8:57:29 AM
  • 46
    I am so excited. I unfortunately got to the voting part late but then I saw that my fellow Rhode Islanders had voted! We are the number one city! - 2/2/2011   2:54:36 AM
  • 45
    Mint Truffle Bars! - 2/1/2011   9:53:35 PM
  • 44
    Who cares about the "fiber" in them? The Skinny Cow fudgebar is my treat every night at 7 pm, and is what has helped me to maintain my weight loss for over a year, so I love their products. Worrying about that they are "processed" is nonsense, you need to look at the big picture and how long are you going to last on any eating plan if you don't have a treat to keep you going and eating the way you should 95 % of the time? - 2/1/2011   9:26:53 PM
  • 43
    Skinny Cow is pretty good. I haven't tried the new one yet though. - 2/1/2011   7:35:17 PM
    These look goos - 2/1/2011   6:58:44 PM
  • JDAVIS1975
    Sounds good! - 2/1/2011   4:45:08 PM
    No, I tried them before I started eating clean, but threw them out with all the other overly processed, fake sugar, too many ingredients I can't pronounce junk. - 2/1/2011   4:35:02 PM
    Love the caramel cone - 2/1/2011   3:12:15 PM
  • 38
    I love skinny cow!!!!!! - 2/1/2011   1:31:53 PM
    Their ice cream cups are my favorite....especially dulce de leche and caramel cone!! I also recently tried the peanut butter chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Not too shabby...i love their products!! - 2/1/2011   12:47:46 PM
  • 36
    I bought these new skinny cow treats. They are awful. Admittedly, I am not a huge ice cream fan, but these don't taste like any ice cream I ever ate. YUCK! Does anybody want the rest of the box? - 2/1/2011   11:44:15 AM
  • 25LADY
    The Perfect Cup event in NYC was great!! I was actually wearing the worng bra size and did not even know it!!

    The Cookies & Creme Truffle bar is delicious!! I now know that Skinny Cow ice cream is delicious & worth eating when I need that little taste of sweet!!!

    Bring the Perfect Cup back to NYC or the Jersey Shore!! Thank you for a great time!!! I loved the experience!!! - 2/1/2011   10:01:39 AM
  • 34
    I attended the Perfect Cup event in New York last June. It was a lot of fun. I would highly recommend going if you can.

    I also love their ice cream!!! It is excellent portion control, and it tastes great!! Love the dulce de leche. - 2/1/2011   9:23:19 AM
  • 33
    I love Skinny Cow Ice cream cones. I have to practice portion control, but at least I don't feel deprived - 2/1/2011   9:22:09 AM
  • 32
    Wow, it's true that these taste great but I have a problem with them. They are giving too many people a false sense of security to think that they are "healthy" snacks. Compare them to a drink with only half the alcohol for an alcoholic... how do you think that would work out? Please, don't fall into the trap. You are not truly changing your lifestyle as long as you are still imbibing... half strength or not. - 2/1/2011   8:12:46 AM
  • 31
    We only get the ice cream cups where I live. luv them! - 2/1/2011   7:24:48 AM
  • 30
    I love skinny cow! Bought some last night. - 2/1/2011   6:40:47 AM
  • 29
    I just bought the Caramel Truffle bars last night. They are so good! - 2/1/2011   6:15:12 AM
  • 28
    Love Skinny Cow French Vanilla Truffle bars. - 2/1/2011   1:00:38 AM
  • 27
    I couldn't eat "just one." - 2/1/2011   12:13:57 AM
  • 26
    I love their cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches, but I am looking forward to trying these too - Cookies and cream is my favorite! - 1/31/2011   10:46:35 PM
    I like Skinny Cow and these bars look yummy! Can't wait for summer! - 1/31/2011   9:41:13 PM
  • 24
    I love Skinny Cow products, but like so many low cal products now, they contain fake fiber. So, no more Skinny Cow for me. - 1/31/2011   9:33:06 PM
  • 23
    Love the Skinny Cow truffle bars & the ice cream cones. They're great if you're craving sweets with low calorie/fat contents. - 1/31/2011   7:16:24 PM
  • 22
    Never tried the product but might. Sounds good and they puts ads on my favorite site to help - 1/31/2011   7:02:18 PM
    I just printed off the coupon! I love the ice cream sandwiches and the cones, but these look amazing! I'm crocheting an ice cream themed dress so now I'm REALLY having cravings! - 1/31/2011   6:19:25 PM
  • 20
    I LOVE this product!! Skinny Cow is a life saver when I am in desperate need of an ice cream sandwich fix - 1/31/2011   5:48:22 PM
  • 19
    The ice cream sandwiches. Great dessert!!! I've forgotten about skinny cow. Let me get my snack on. Thanks! - 1/31/2011   5:36:11 PM
  • 18
    I have had these, they are super yummy!~ - 1/31/2011   2:35:43 PM
  • 17
    i've tried them in the past and they are very good. One problem tough...they "trigger" a binge for me, so I need to avoid them for now. - 1/31/2011   2:11:58 PM
  • 16
    I love skinny cow products, but I was really sad to see that Alaska wasn't even on the list to be visited... excluded and unloved again. - 1/31/2011   2:07:33 PM
    I wish you could get the coupon without a facebook or twitter account :( - 1/31/2011   2:00:24 PM
  • 14
    I love Skinny Cow products. They totally satisfy my ice cream sweet toothe! - 1/31/2011   1:42:14 PM
  • 13
    I love Skinny Cow Truffle Bars!!!! - 1/31/2011   1:35:06 PM
  • 12
    Those loook reallly good! Ice cream sounds good right now! - 1/31/2011   1:12:07 PM
  • 11
    Yum! I love Skinny Cow! I'm also super excited that the Perfect Cups is likely coming to Chicago! - 1/31/2011   12:58:43 PM
    You won't find me at the party but I do pick up those skinny cows on occasion at COSTCO if I believe the frig will accommodate a large purchase! - 1/31/2011   12:37:36 PM
  • 9
    Bras and ice cream? Never would have imagined the combination but it sounds like fun. - 1/31/2011   12:30:28 PM
  • 8
    yummy i love skinny cow - 1/31/2011   12:10:52 PM
    great decadent product....thanks again skinny cow! - 1/31/2011   12:08:52 PM
  • 6
    Ugh cookies and cream type things are the treats I miss the most! Silly tummy, learn to digest gluten properly! - 1/31/2011   12:08:47 PM
  • 5
    My hubby even likes skinny cow..thats how good they are, and he is so damn picky! - 1/31/2011   11:52:27 AM
  • 4
    I love Skinny Cow truffle bars!!!!! - 1/31/2011   11:43:53 AM

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