9 Natural Sunburn Remedies


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Ouch, you burned! Now what? Forget about running to the store to buy those pricey formulated lotions. Instead, ease the pain with Mother Nature's little helpers, most of which you already have at home.
Aloe Vera
Use the gel that's inside leaves to soothe burns and tighten pores. Apply a little to your face after cleansing.

Add a cup of milk to a cool bath and soak in it for 10 minutes to calm inflamed skin. 

Soak a cotton ball in white vinegar solution (1 tsp vinegar plus 1 cup water) and dab on.

Add ½ to 1 cup of finely ground oats to a tepid bath and soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes to alleviate stinging skin.

Apply a thin layer of natural honey on the burn to speed up healing and minimize pain.

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    Cold sour cream works great, too! Gently apply to burned skin; leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off in a cool shower. - 7/13/2013   12:40:35 AM
  • 13
    make a cup of strong tea, allow to cool and apply with a washcloth... mix lavender oil in with the aloe gel until it is almost creamy and apply that... - 7/10/2013   10:22:49 AM
    Witch hazel works for me, especially if I keep it in the refrigerator. It's inexpensive, too. - 7/9/2013   8:20:28 PM
  • 11
    Plain yogurt takes the sting out. - 7/9/2013   11:45:54 AM
  • 10
    I use Noxema and just keep applying it until the pain goes away. I've done the vinegar as well as the oatmeal but this is what I always go back to because it works. An asprin and at least 8 hours of sleep are very beneficial. - 7/8/2013   11:37:08 PM
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    Shower or bathe with Ivory soap. Instantly stops the burning sensation. - 7/8/2013   5:21:07 PM
  • 8
    I find that a cool shower--starting with tepid water and decreasing the temp until it's almost too cool--eases any sunburn I've had in recent years. - 7/8/2013   1:49:04 PM
  • 7
    distilled vinegar has been my go-to remedy. I am real careful about sunscreen, but on the occasion that I end up with a burn, a papertowel soaked in vinegar is great to just lay on the burned area and leave it til it dries. - 7/8/2013   1:10:26 PM
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    Vitamin E capsules. The ones with the liquid/gel in them. Break them open (carefully) and squeeze it onto the skin, as many as it takes to coat the area. The worst sunburn I ever had, aloe did nothing for me, vitamin E took the pain out. - 7/8/2013   11:40:55 AM
    Try your best to remember that sun block ever hour to 90 minutes. Espically when water or sweat is involved. I'm speaking from experience of the worst burn immaginable. 4th degree burn from the sun when I was in elemantry school. 3 days of water fun in the hot sun with no sunblock is a very bad idea. My face and body swelled up 3 times as big with huge blister bumps every where. I looked like a swamp monster and will not be surprised when any doctor says I have skin cancer. Now I go around begging everyone to put there sun block on. You don't want a burn like I had. Nothing worked to get rid of the pain, and I had to stay inside for 2 months. So please remember your sunblock. I like to make sure there is a nice big bottle of aloe vera in my bathroom every summer. Along with my 50 proof sunblock. Just in case I get burnt or someone else around me gets burnt. - 7/8/2013   11:34:15 AM
    100% lavendar oil works great too! (and it smells alot better than cider vinegar!) - 7/8/2013   11:18:18 AM
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    I have always taken a shower with cider vinegar. I might smell like a salad, but it does cut the burn out. And I am fair-skinned and have always burned. Now I think my vitamins cause me to color easier. At least that is the only thing that has changed since I had my last terrible burn. I have done pretty well since my last accidental burn in March 2013 - 7/8/2013   9:23:24 AM
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    My mom used to put apple cider vinegar on us when we were kids. Stinky but it seemed to work. - 7/8/2013   9:21:23 AM
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    I use coconut oil. It make the burn go away in 1 day for most burns. - 7/8/2013   9:07:15 AM

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