Contest Closed: Win Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Workout DVDs

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This contest is now closed. The winners are: SPARKYEG, JAUDON, DCMANN, RAELOOS and DIAMOND102. Congratulations!

Last week, we shared our exclusive interview with Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks, in which he also talked briefly about his newest set of workout DVDs: "Billy Blanks PT 24/7," a set of seven workout DVDs plus specially designed gloves and resistance bands.
I'm a longtime fan of Tae Bo, and while I haven't tried these new workouts myself, they sure look interesting and fun. You can try them yourself if you enter our latest giveaway. Billy Blanks is giving away "Billy Blanks PT 24/7" to five lucky dailySpark readers!
What they say:

"Billy’s new program is so powerful, you will feel results in 24 hours and start seeing results in only seven days. The secret to PT 24/7 is Billy’s B2 Bands & Gloves. The B2 bands come with gloves to attach to your hands and straps to attach to your feet, engaging your core, your upper body and your lower body so you get a total muscle sculpting and cardio blasting workout at the same time. That means you get double the workout in half the time!

"With PT 24/7, you don’t need weights, machines, or expensive memberships to the gym. In 7 all-new 30-minute fat-blasting, body-toning DVD’s, Billy gives you everything you need to lose weight fast. And anyone can do it. Billy’s helped millions of people just like you lose weight. Now it’s your turn!"
To see "Billy Blanks PT 24/7" in action, check out this YouTube preview courtesy of

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.! Contest Closed 11/4/11.
Which aspect of "Billy Blanks PT 24/7" seems the most fun, effective or appealing to you?

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Oh my goodness - I won, but didn't know until it came in the mail today!! I am so excited - I don't think I have ever won anything before :) Thank you so much Spark People!!!! Report
Really would like this one. I've done Tae-Bo before but this looks REALLY fun! Might even be able to talk dear, sweet hubby into working out with me. Report

I love your DVD's. This would be great for me. I lost 25 lbs since late August. I picked up running and walking and my goal was to be able to do a 5 mile run. I was up to a three mile run but I slipped in the bathroom three weeks ago and possibly dislocated my hip but it popped back in. It was painful! I was in tears and could barely walk till the chiropractor helped.

Now as per doctor's orders I'm to stay off the treadmill and refrain from walking for exercise. In three weeks I've maintained my weight but I have goals that I want accomplished.

Well, so the only way I know how is to keep my focus and motivation flowing is to find alternatives, and I am really drawn to the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Workout equipment and DVD's! My budget could use a free gift these days, so here's hoping! :D
I LOVE PT 24/7. I BOUGHT IT & been working out with it for about six weeks, it is awsome..
My body is toning like if I have no kids and do have 3 kids... If you get unlucky and dont win it. I incurage you to invest in it you will not degret it, and I am not getting pay to commercialize this. I am just a regular person that wish for others to reach their goals like I did. My goal @ the beging was to loss 20 Lbs. and i did.. ! HERAY ! I started @ 148Lbs now I am 119Lbs.I lost 9 Lbs more that the goal i had set. And i did this with Billy Blanks work out DVD's.. I started workin out with, This Tea-Bo, first. Then Insane Abbs, SUPPER I LOVE IT, it is a little painfull at the beging but it's wroth it. Then I got PT 24/7, Terrific..and now I have Ripped Extreme. I alternate all this DVD's thruout the week. I do PT 24/7 In the AM. and the others I alternate them in the evenings. IT IS WOUNDERFULL... I AM FULL OF ENERGY AND I do have two jobs. So if you really want to do it you will find the time. Like Billy says You have to Love yourself first..
I love Billy Blanks! This is an amazing prize I would love to win, thanks for the giveaway! Report
Love Billy Blanks workout! This would be great to add to my collection. Report
This looks like a great workout! I love Billy Blanks and would love to add this set to my collection. Tae Bo doesn't feel like exercise to me - it's fun! Report
Wow! Looks like a intense comprehensive regimine to add to any fitness program! I hope I get lucky and win one of the 5! Really cool! Report
I like Billy's energy. It is totally catching. Report
Working out with Billy Blanks will make me feel like I'm back in high school! We used to do Tae Bo in gym class. They would project the video on the wall and we would all follow along. I've never worked so hard in my whole life! Report
I would love to be one of the lucky winners Report
Love the 30-minute aspect....not to mention the "see the results in 7 days". Would LOVE to win this and take my workout to the next level (and into the modern age; I'm still using my original Tae-Bo VHS tapes :-) Thanks & God bless you, Billy! Report
I literally just saw the commerical for this new program last night! It looks kinda fun!! Report
Last month I pulled out the original set of Tae Bo VHS tapes. I love Billy Blanks and no matter what trainer you look at today you see a little Billy Blanks. SO GLAD HE IS BACK! Hope I win, this would be a great birthday present. Report
I think the weighted gloves with the bands would be the most fun aspect of this workout! Report
I so need something like this to get back on track!! Report's me some Billy Report

SPARKPEOPLE-comment #67 is SPAM and goes to an advertisement site! Report
I love his energy! He get's me fired up! Report
For me, having the gloves on would make it way more fun, more like real boxing! I have done Tae Bo in the past, and really enjoyed it! I would love to be able to win one of these sets! Thank you!! Report
Would love to win this! Report
I started Tae Bo earlier this year. I would love to win PT 24/7 set. Thanks for the giveaway! Report
Billy Blanks is great in Tae Bo Videos and I am sure these will have his high energy and positive focus! Report
whoop! Report
This looks intense! I would give this to my niece who just had a baby. Report
I do cardio-kickboxing 3x a week but have not lost any weight for a while. I think winning these DVD's with the gloves and bands would be just what I need to kick it up a notch and start losing weight again. Report
I hope I will win I had a stroke and wonder if it will help for my left side Report
I love the Billy Blank workouts, I love the energy this is present in all his videos, and the idea that he acts like he is talking directly to you makes it a bit more personal as well.
I have several of his videos, my favorite is Billy's Favorite Cardio moves..great workout!

I would love to add this one to my library as well, I use videos alot during our rainy season here in Florida!
I'll have some Billy Joel... Report
Not only would I love to win the set, but this would be something very needed for us. I have issues with muscle strenght, balance, and coordination (not sure what has caused that, been like that since childhood). I have never been limber, not even as a child could I bend and touch my toes or do a simple tumble.

Something like this might be the type of exercise that I need to try to strenghten and tone my body. I have had 5 surgeries in less than 5 years (low back fusion, shoulder reconstruct, and 3 intestinal surgeries) and depending on if a new medication works or not, I may be facing surgery again (completely ostomy) in 6 months.

I would love to be more physically fit, esp if I have to have this surgery. It comes with a long down time (4+ months if there are no complications) and I have a 3 and a half year old. Report
iS IT ME YET? Report
Billy Blanks is the best. I had his first and second editions and they were fab. I kick myself for getting rid of them now.
I would LOVE to win these. Report
Never heard of him before... Report
What a neat prize!! Could really use to tighten up some of this lose skin :) Report
I would really, really love to have these... I think it would help out with my exercise regiment immensly and i think it would help improve My over all health! Report
It looks awesome! I'd love to try it, I think it'd be the perfect thing to get through the winter! Report
Billy Banks is awesome! I would love to win his new workout! I have several VHS. Report
I love Tae Bo. Years ago, I went religiously!! 4 times a week for 2 years. Then, the schedule changed and couldn't go anymore. My first class ever was with Billy Blank himself and couldn't move for days. But, I went back and had his sister who was just as hard. I even had his daughter as a personal trainer for awhile. I miss the Blanks family!! Report
This looks like it would be totally fun to do, AND that my daughter would join in with me over this winter! I like his friendly, but hardcore, persona! Report
Oh wow! I would absolutely LOVE to win the Billy Blank DVD's! I workout to a different Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD 5 days a week! It is a great workout and so much fun! Report
I love Billy Blanks! I think he has the best workout systems. I want to win this! I do Taebo at least 2 times a week or more. He is awesome! Report
to much for me Report
I've been looking for just the right workout plan that I feel comfortable with and I believe that Billy Blanks has just the right one. I would love to win his workout CD's. I need to exercise more due to health reasons and this would be a big help Report
i like that you dont need extra equipment..thats fun to me!! Report
I have agoraphobia. I know that it comes from the fear that my body is not strong enough to take care of me. (Felt that way since cancer found in 2000) I think maybe Billy can make me feel strong and powerful again. Definitely worth a try! Report
i have tried his earlier dvd's before and they work! you get an amazing workout and you just feel good... i'd love to add this to my daily routine! Report
This is a great workout for someone like me who won't exercise unless it's FUN!!! Report
Would love to try these! I had a set of his dvd's a few years back that got lost in a move. :) Report
WooHoo! This would be great to win!!!!! Report
WOW!! This looks really intense! I like boxing, but I haven't tried it with resistance bands. Looks fun. Report
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