20-Minute Resistance Band Workout

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All you need is a resistance band and a chair to perform this seated workout!

Member Comments

Great exercises for me since I am in a wheelchair. Report
Found it easier to do this time after a long time. Report
I use resistance bands for physical therapy at home Report
I've been doing these every day. I've read that resistance training shouldn't be done every day. Is it okay to do this routine as its challenging for me but I can do it. Has anyone else here been doing it every day? Report
Wonderful to find a full body workout I can do sitting down as am not strong enough yet to stand. Was just wondering since its resistance can I still do this workout every day if I want. Great instructor! Report
thanks for this demonstration. Report
First exercise is primarily a back exercise. Report
Thank you for sharing the article,love it! Report
Nicole is a wonderful instructor. Spark People has made exercising fun. Thank You!
I was ready for some resistance. The only thing I can't do is twist the knees. This is a great workout and can get harder in time. Report
Enjoyed doing it so much its good for me & found it very slightly easier this time Report
I have a really bad spinal issue, and I thought that this workout was going to affect my pain tolerance, but it actually wasn't that bad! I had to modify a couple of the stretches, but not to the extent where I did not benefit from them. I finished this workout about 5 minutes ago, and am proud to say that this is my very first 20-minute workout!! Report
It was challenging for sure at times but as the saying goes "If it does not challenge you it does not change you." Report
Thanks! I was able to fit this into my day. I found the video was fast and effective way to exercise . Report
These seem easy at first but I can really feel my muscles working against the band! Report