Coach Nicole's Favorites: BOSU Squat with Press

This ''triple threat'' exercise works your upper body, lower body and core muscles while also helping improve your balance.

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really good info
Fun and good
Love these "combination" exercise videos. Great to learn new ways to get my workouts in in less time!
I have a balance is a lot smaller and can be inflated more or less.
The Bosu Ball is a great tool. But you need to work up to it!

My gym has an instability piece that I use with my less balanced clients. It's called "Step 360". It is more stable than the Bosu, which makes it great for people with balance issues. I use this for beginners, then graduate up to the Bosu. You can also invert the Bosu, so that the "bubble" part is on the ground, and the flat part is where you stand. Both have their advantages and disadvantages!
But always, start on the floor, before moving to an unstable platform!
For all of those who don't use a BOSU because of balance problems: do balance training without the BOSU until you are strong enough to use the BOSU. It is important to have a strong core and leg muscles to help prevent falls as you age! You can buy the BOSU 3d bar to help out, but learn not to depend heavily on it. If your muscles are shaking as you perform your exercises, celebrate! The shaking indicates your muscles are working to do the exercise and will get stronger as a result.
I think I will do this right now.
I have a BOSU Ball that just sits on the shelf. I occasionally get it out to try it but my balance is so poor that I can't use it. A younger person might find it an advantage but at my age, a fall would be disaster so it was kind of a waste for me.
So I don't own a BOSU ball, but I do have that half-inflated bosu ball wanna-be that SparkPeople sold a few years ago (balance ball, I think they called it, sort of oval?). But today with my knee creaking, it was enough of a challenge just to stay balanced on the floor and do the arm exercise as if I was carrying weight. When I get stronger or am upstairs where the other weights are and my balance ball thing is, I'll try it again.
This gives me a great goal to work up to! It looks challenging but actually kind of fun. Thank you for the video. I am marking it in my favorites. Hopefully it is still around once I am ready for this!!
Do you have any Sitercises videos. I can not stand for a minute without holding on.
Have to say I am glad my personal trainers do NOT use things like the bosa ball. I already have a balance problem, and could not use that device. YET, I have gained over all strength like you would not believe!
Great video, but it would great if Bosu balls were not so expensive.
I like to use the bosu with the flat part on top. Is that just as good exercise as if you stand on the squishy part? I hate it when my feet slide to the side of my shoes. Thank you in advance.