Coach Nicole's Favorites: Lunges with Ball

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Coach Nicole shows you a better way to lunge.

Member Comments

Ok Report
I have done this one before in my aerobic's class but not with the weights. Thanks for adding this one. Report
i like it, how many reps do U recommend:? Report
I will have to try lunges with the stability ball. It looks like it will help me maintain the proper form. Report
I like to do my lunges when in the pool doing water aerobics. Report
I love using my stability ball and use it for squats, and now will try for lunges too. I love how the ball really supports my back while doing these. Great idea Coach Nicole. Love your videos and tips! Report
Lunges are such a great exercise. I didn't even use the stability ball yesterday and my legs are still sore! lol Report
This is a great exercise. It really forces you into the proper position and it activates your core muscles for stability. Report
this looks like something I can do and I got to go get me a ball!!! I am excited about doing this and thank you for the idea hope I can find this video when I get back online again!!! Report
How do I save this video to my favorites? Is it possible? Report
I do like the ball. It does cause you to work harder and as Coach Nicole stated really forces us to keep proper form. I've not done the wall lunges with the ball, so this is something I will love to try Report
I'm going to try this one. Looks like a good way to work it without straining. Thanks! Report
I really like this variation! It doesn't hurt my knees!
Must mean I was doing something wrong before, huh?
Anyway, Thank You! Report
This looks really good. I have really bad knees and wonder if there is a way to adjust? Thanks. Report
Sounds like that might be painful for arthritic knees and ankles. Do you have any arthritis friendly exercises you can recommend?

Thanks, MP ;-) Report