Coach Nicole's Favorites: Calf Raise with Hop

Looking for a new way to target your calves? Look no further.

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I like using light weights for this exercise, thanks!
I am too heavy right now to hop but I did bounce.
Thanks for sharing
Great but for the fitter not an almost 77 year old unfit person
Great exercise! I can do this one.
thanks was great
I'll have to have my Depends on for this one ;-)
love coach Nicole. Heal hops are great but hard. I like a challenge
I did these in the pool! Thanks for the new moves to add to my water aerobics routine! My calves were burning!
really? Peanut butter ice cream ad as the intro. Boo...
I think this is great! If one small hop is my muscle-failure point, that's it... so adaptable and user friendly. Thanks coach.
Geez!! those hops are hard I could only do two!! and no more! I plan on doing these every other day!! I have huge calves and this is on exercise I can add to my ex. For my calves!!
Thanx So Much ;0)
This is a great idea. I read the other comments and can't believe the number of people who were suggesting a modification or that people with certain issues would not be able to do this. I mean, this is common sense, and Coach Nicole clearly states, here is the calf raise, you can use weights or the wall...and IF you want to take it a step further, hop on one foot with heal raised. There is no need for all of those who made those comments to make them...she never said you HAVE to do this. It was a suggestion if you wanted and COULD take it further. There should be no negativity directed to Coach Nicole.
Thank you for showing us this exercise.
I already do the calf raises, fairly regularly.
I don't think I'll add the hopping though - arthritis and obesity is not a good combination for doing that on 1 leg.
I could maybe try some very small bounces, very small jumps both legs together, to spread the load?
Thank you coach Nicole . This should be an easy exercise I tried raising the heal and it's good I was doing that . But jumping I can not do . That's how bad my legs are. Thank you for giving so much