5-Minute Booty Workout with Ball

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Work your butt off! Coach Nicole will show you how in just 5 minutes.

Member Comments

Love this workout! Report
Is there a way or technique to prevent from being on the floor? Old age and Older knees make it difficult to get back on my feet after getting down on the floor. Report
Good me. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for the new moves,Coach! Report
Thanks! Report
I also use a ball for one of my stretches. Thanks for the new ideas, Coach! Report
Love that it's a five minute quickie! I don't have any excuse for not having just 5 minutes. Report
The box has a height range for the balls marked on them. I had a therapist get mad because I pointed that out to a woman and he told her to get the biggest one even though she was.my about 5'.

I am disappointed that this site does not show stretching exercises for those of us who have had knee and hip replacements. If we did some of these we would be back in surgery. Report
you make it look easy... I have a large ball.... bigger than at our gym.... is it ok to use it? Report
This looks fun. I'm going to vacuum and try it! Report
This one was hard for me. But I will work at this until I master it. Report
Hope it works Report
Liking the looks of this!! Off to my mat for a try!!! Report
Making a commitment to buy a ball tomorrow!