How to Use SparkPeople's Fitness Tracker

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Learn how to find your free, customized Exercise Tracker and Workout plans, track your fitness minutes on the site, log your calories burned, and more!

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Thank you for providing such great information. Excellent explanation Report
How do I track my exercise if I do four sets, but each set has a different number of reps and a different weight? Also, if I'm tracking assisted tricep dips, to I list the weight that I was assisted with or my body weight after assistance? I am using sparkpeople for the first time, and I'm having trouble figuring it out. Thank you. Report
nevermind I figured it out Report
That looks NOTHING like mine for mileage. I wanted to track how far I biked and the instructions I have and the video look nothing like my mileage tab. What am I doing wrong? Report
When I do exercises using a band or my own bodyweight such as step ups, what do I enter for weight? Report
Thank you I was having a couple questions but this video answered them great! Report
Use a fitbit! Report
I hated mine. I threw it out Report
love my sparkpeople tracker Report
Oh wait...sorry I see ... I misread...its the charting...never bad! Report
I didn't think there was a spark people tracker anymore... Report
Good info... Thanks! Report
I also agree completely with MIMAWELIZABETH. This is the best resource I've ever found for diet and fitness tools of all descriptions. In fact, I've never found anything close to this good.

I won't post any snarky suggestions for other people, but I imagine you can think of what they might be...and I doubt if 1 person in 1000 has the skillset to even begin. Report
Thanks for the information contained in this video. Report
Thank you NOLAHORSERIDER!!! Report