Test Your Weight-Loss I.Q.

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Member Comments

Some of these questions are VERY vague... The first one should be all of the above. If you eat 1200 calories of nothing but chocolate you'll feel sick vs 1200 calories of a rounded meal. #2 didn't specify the type of muffin, they happened to show afterward the loaded sugar coated "bran muffins" which is just in reality a cupcake and NOT a muffin. My muffins are flax and not coated in massive amounts of sugar as to give you a coma. Really not helpful at all, I stopped after #2. Report
I've seen this video before, but obviously I've seen it before. It's really awesome! I hope
everyone has a Fabulous & Blessed Friday! LYL! Report
This video is a great refresher course. I also was surprised to see that one needs 60-90 minutes a day to lose weight over the 30 minute basic time. I always was told losing weight was 80% food and 20% exercise. Report
I took away quite a bit of well needed information from this video. It is funny how we all gleen different bits of info! Report
I disagree with the statement that eating low fat foods does not help in weight loss. Fat free cottage cheese for example is satisfying and filling just as much as regular. If you make the change to either fat free or low fat and get healthy fats such as olive oil, flax seed for example you will loose more weight and feel better. The key to selecting which low fat foods to eat is to look at the entire label. "Diet" or low fat foods are often loaded with sugar, and are high calorie versus a natural food. You have to see the whole picture to make an educated decision on what is best for you. Report
this was good to hear-especially how much time to exercise in order to really lose weight. Report
This video had good information. Keeping portion size in mind will be a good starting point for me. Report
Very informative. I missed the low fat vs full fat. The small attainable exercises or activity a day exactly what i needed to hear. Report
Not sure I agree with the low fat portion. I see how low fat ice cream or candy vs no sweets is better. The artificial sweeteners might make you crave more sweets. But what is the hard in low fat yogurt or cottage cheese? I am fine after some fruits topped with low fat cottage cheese. I would rather have that than get the extra calories of regular cottage cheese. Report
I was surprised about the truth's about calories verses fat and carbs. I'm a diabetic & I try to keep them all low. I only got one right, the portion size. I hope everyone has a Fabulous & Blessed Friday! Report
great reminders! Report
I enjoyed watching this video. It was informative and the quiz method was fun. It's ftcs such as these which help build a healthy lifestyle over time. Good job! Report
Very informative. 60-90 min. Of exercise? Wow. I get tired just imagining that. 30 min. I have to take a nap! Lol Report
The Everwell video are so educational when it comes to healthy choices, very well taught Report
This was educational for me. I learned a few things from it that I did not know before. About low-fat and sugar-free foods and amounts of exercise needed. Report