3-Minute Stretching Routine for Shin Splints

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Try these four stretches for shin splints in less than three minutes!

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Thanks for the motivation. Report
Thanks Coach Nicole! Report
Thanks for sharing Nicole Report
I will do this. Report
I can and will do this one. Thanks, Coach! Report
Great! Thanks, Coach Nicole! Report
These stretches are wonderful! I really needed the shin stretch for some reason today! Thank you! Report
I felt that so I pushed even harder. Report
Good stretch Report
I really enjoy all the articles and vids on spark people. They are full of knowledge and helpful hints. What first attracted me to the site was tracking calories and nutrition. I was referred by a friend and I'm sure glad she told me about it! Report
Thanks, Nicole! You are really good at explaining each step of the exercise, where we should feel the stretch, and reminding us to breathe and stretch only to our limits. Report
Good warm down thanks ! Report
I love it. finally I can do stretches again with no or very little pain. Thank you Report
Shin splints used to really bother me. Then I read Bob Smith's stretches. Simple. Warm up the muscle by walking 3 to 5 minutes. Stop and do 10 or 12 toe pointers (point down with the toe, return foot to neutral, point again and so forth) on each leg. Walk a few more minutes. Stop, do the toe pointers. Repeat 3 or 4 times. My son, who works retail and is on his feet all day uses this little exercise. Shares it with his coworkers, too.
Why does Spark People seem to always make things so complicated? Report