How to Use a Foam Roller

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In this short video, Coach Nicole gives you an introduction to using foam rollers. Learn about the benefits of foam rollers, how to choose the right one for you, and get tips to use them safely and effectively. Then, check out our foam roller exercise demos (which include myofascial release techniques) and the "Related Content" links to the right to get started!

Member Comments

Coach Nicole,

Thanks for the information on how to use a foam roller. Very helpful. Report
Thanks for the tips Report
I have always been regretting that
I was not as wise as the day I was born.
- Henry David Thoreau Report
I have a smooth one and a bumpy one. They work wonders! I saw a physical therapist a few years ago and he said it would loosen my leg IT-bands and it did. I use the foam rollers every day along with my stretching routine. Helps with tight muscles- loosen them up. Report
I have one and love it. Helps with my knees and hips. Report
I plan to start using my foam rubber roller.My hamstrings are my major sore and stiff areas that need work.The video is a good informational source. Thank you. Report
I am on my way to be in better shape. I suffer from fibromyalgia and looking forward to using my roller that I received in the mail today. Report
I'm thinking about using one. Report
Thanks, I have seen them at a military base fitness center and on the store shelves but didn't understand their use until now. I don't think I am ready to purchase one yet. Report
Great job Nicole. I have not used my foam roller for some time but I definitely am planning on getting the dust off it now! Report
Love my foam roller, hurts so much, but in a good way!! Report
Foam rolling is awesome! It's painful at times. It's really gets deep tissue! I have fibromyalgia. It really helps a lot. Use wisdom. It's a pretty effective tool if you use it correctly.
Love my foam roller! I use it nearly every day. Report
I probably need this but I cannot get down on the floor. It sounds like it would help my hip & knee pain. Report