How to Use a Foam Roller

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Foam rollers are becoming increasingly popular tools that help decrease muscle soreness related to exercise. So do they really work?

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Thanks Report
I have a foam roller and don't use it. Hit home when she mentioned "if it hurts, you need to use it more often." I am a ball of knots. Report
Thanks Nicole-I have seen the foam rollers but really didn't know too much about them. Thanks again!!!! Report
Coach Nicole,

Thanks for the information on how to use a foam roller. Very helpful. Report
Thanks for the tips Report
I have always been regretting that
I was not as wise as the day I was born.
- Henry David Thoreau Report
I have a smooth one and a bumpy one. They work wonders! I saw a physical therapist a few years ago and he said it would loosen my leg IT-bands and it did. I use the foam rollers every day along with my stretching routine. Helps with tight muscles- loosen them up. Report
I have one and love it. Helps with my knees and hips. Report
I plan to start using my foam rubber roller.My hamstrings are my major sore and stiff areas that need work.The video is a good informational source. Thank you. Report
I am on my way to be in better shape. I suffer from fibromyalgia and looking forward to using my roller that I received in the mail today. Report
I'm thinking about using one. Report
Thanks, I have seen them at a military base fitness center and on the store shelves but didn't understand their use until now. I don't think I am ready to purchase one yet. Report
Great job Nicole. I have not used my foam roller for some time but I definitely am planning on getting the dust off it now! Report
Love my foam roller, hurts so much, but in a good way!! Report