New YOU Bootcamp: 8-Minute Upper Body Sculpt

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Coach Nicole has created an easy-to-follow upper body workout that you can do anywhere, with a pair of dumbbells and a stability ball. All it takes is 8 minutes!

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Ok Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Miss Coach Nicole!!! Will she ever be coming back?
Sure miss Coach Nicole! Report
Great workout! Report
I also lay on the bed instead of the ball unsafe for me at 76 Report
The workout was great, short and effective! Report
The balls are made with a thicker "rubber" than a beach ball and will take quite a bit of abuse. I really don't think you will pop it if you do as Nichole has done in the video. I weight more than 200 pounds at the moment and have no fear of using one.

Besides, they don't cost that much so if you did pop it, you're not out much and you're already so close to the floor, you probably wouldn't even get a bruse. Be strong. You can do it if you want to. Report
I have used a ball many times and I love it... the place I used to go to had a class and it was great! Report
My husband keeps offering to buy me an exercise ball but I am afraid I will pop it. Anyone have problems with that? He thinks it can hold up to maybe 200 lbs. I am less than that but very leery. Report
Great work out, enjoyed. Report
This looks like a great exercise to mix with my other stabiliy ball routines. Thanks!!! Report
Love this! Report
Greatwork out. Love that she tells you how to modify if you don't have a ball. Report