10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout

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A fun and energizing way to get your heart rate up and burn calories!

Member Comments

For those of you having issues with the video, try refreshing the page. The first time I tried to play this video, I saw a still picture count down for 30 seconds and then the video would not start. I refreshed the page, sat through a commercial, and the video played with no issues. Report
I couldn't get the video to load. The advertisement was there but the workout wasn't. Report
I just did this routine again and still love it! Report
This is the FASTEST 10 min I ever participated in!!! Report
video not working. error:
No video has been loaded

been about a month now since videos haven't worked. anything going to be done about this? Report
Great workout...ten minutes seemed so fast Report
A very good 10 minute workout! (63 yrs old). Report
I like this one. It was challenging as an over 50 year old woman just returning to fitness, but I could do it. sweating :) The only thing I couldn't do was the jumping jack because I can't jump yet do to recovery ACL tear. I could do the kicks with bent to straight knee on my non-inured leg, but had to modify to a straight leg swing up more so than a kick on my injured leg. still worked it though :) Report
This was difficult for me, but I did it!! Report
great video Report
I love this video. Report
I wish I had more co-ordination ;-0 Report
Great video, I love kickboxing keeps me in amazing shape, i got a couple of videos here - great workout and tough http://www.kickbo
xingnearme.com/ Report
Wow, this did make me sweat. I really have to check out more spark videos. Report
Great 10 minute workout. Was sitting here feeling a little discouraged since I didn't get to get a workout in. This helped me complete 1/3 of my workout. Report