Do You Know Your Back Pain Facts?

Sooner or later most of us will experience some type of back pain. Do you know your back pain facts? Watch this short video to quiz yourself about this common ailment.

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i have facet arthropathy. It is very painful in the lower back.
great video
Great video.
Somewhere it should have been said in this video that severe back pain that doesn't go away and prevents a person from functioning should be evaluated by a medical professional. There are many back pains that are only cured by medical intervention and all of these tips are great at preventing back pain and dealing with minor issues. But some people need X RAYS and MRIs find out what's really wrong and may need pain management or even surgery to correct a problem. This video should address this issue.
I liked this. Probably because I got all the questions correct. Good information.
Love you SP, but please stop showing isolated midsections as a way to convey weight. We get enough of being shopped up and depersonalized in the mainstream media. We count on you to be supportive and accepting.

I don't have the bandwidth for videos. I wish you would add the text below the videos.
I have had a bad back for years. Arthritis, and some torn muscles...I started yoga almost a year ago, and my pain has dimished about 75%. It is THE best thing I have ever done for my back.

I also don't wear high heels, lost weight, don't smoke, and don't sit at a desk for long!!

Spark on.
I think genetics figures in also. 4 of my 6 Brothers have had back surgery and my back pain never goes away. If I waken in the night it still is hurting.
I couldn't spend the time to listen and view the video. Why not just have a text option so I could get the info without the bells and whistles. There may be good info in there, but the presentation format turned me off immediately
Here is a good TedTalk video on spine posture with an exercise at the end to help realign the spine. It has done wonders for me to think of where my "tail" is.
I understand the general premise but my back pain was caused by being rear ended and its not going away on its own.....
I do think the doctor gave a good presentation. If you managed to get past the music, you learned four common causes and information about proper lifting.

My mother told me that my back pain began at age five, caused by scoliosis. What wasn't mentioned was the effects of auto accidents and whip lash. I did have such an accident. I didn't have a desk job until age 55, but it was mixed with walking a couple blocks several times a day.

I have had a lot of PT which helped me, but is never 100%. Some of Coach Nicole's videos have similar exercises for abs.
I think Everwell does some relevant educational videos that are basically good solid information. The quizzes ofen are accompanied by circus music. It's fitting when asking questions to numerous people out of the blue. But they are not simply clowning around. They are trying to teach us something for our own good!
what's with the circus music. Anyways this isn't for daily back pain sufferers, seeing a specialist like a chiropractor would have beeen better advice they should have given.