10-Minute Beginner's Pilates Workout

Learn the basics of Pilates with this 10-minute introductory workout for beginners.

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For many years I have talked about trying Pilates. This video was a great introduction for me.
Thank you.
Thanks for sharing this blog, its really helpful for beginners.
ironically, the browser i'm using at the moment is the same the previous poster couldn't get to work....
I tried watching the videos with my firefox but it wouldn't work. I switched to google chrome and everything plays perfectly.
They stream so bad I have to save them for offline viewing. I can only save them from YouTube, and cannot find this one there. For the bad streaming I blame my horrid internet provider (Globe, Philippines).
Felt better after doing the exercises.
This is about the 3rd. workout I've tried today. I keep switching hoping to find one that doesn't keep skipping. It is difficult as it is to do a workout, let a lone having the video skip or buffer, whatever you want to call it. It makes it close to impossible to do a work out/ PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM! As it is with most of the ones I've tried in the past, but today, I just couldn't take it any more. Thank you, Emily
It's a good video, but too hard on my back. I have a bad back. Have a Marvelous & Blessed Monday! LYL!
Not as horrible as other pilates I've tried, but the strain on my back and neck is so not worth it. I'll do other core work and stay as far away from anything Pilates-related as I can!
Wow Pilates wasn't as difficult as I thought. For sure will come back to this until I master it.
I really liked this video! The ten minutes actually went quickly. I'm looking forward to using this and improving with practice.
Good workout. I should have start at this beginning much sooner. This is a repeater for sure until I can master basic pilate moves and not strain my neck.
I think I might try this pilates for beginners. I liked it. Have a Thankful & Blessed Thursday!
I think I can do this with a bit of modification, very similar to my PT exercises.
So quick and simple yet so hard for me. As a mechanic and a novice "body builder" I can see that I need to add this and more like it into my daily routine. Thank you...