20-Minute Fat Blaster

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Torch fat and reach your weight-loss goals with this effective, efficient 20-minute workout.

Member Comments

I was looking for a 20 minute workout. This one is 30 minutes. I felt unsuccessful having to not finish due to time. Please label correctly. Thanks! Report
Great work out Report
When we embrace our mistakes, we embrace living. Report
OMG - this video used to play on the Fit TV station - which changed significantly so that for a while there were Gilad videos,now nothing. Going to do this today - last day of long cross country drive. Report
I really enjoy doing this video, get my heart rate up, awesome, I will do this again. Report
I have sound not visual of this vidio! Report
It's good,, but you really can't "Torch" fat, what an old fashioned notion!! 1950's reasoning for sure!! Can't rub it off or beat it off. Cheap interns at work? Report
This feels so good ...makes your mind clearer and your body feel so much better.
A lttle sweat never hurt anyone...!!! Report
I love this workout, but with an injured knee I wish there were more cardio videos that were lower impact, but longer like this one! Report
It's been a while since I did this video. I remembered tonight how much I really like this workout. I love working multiple muscles with cardio to make the most of the short time I have to workout! Report
That as a great challenging workout. I needed that . Thanks Report
Love love love this work out! Never gets boring. You will see results. Sometimes I will do it again right after I am finished-starting from the second part of it. Great wok out! Thanks! Report
That was tough but worth it!! Report
This is a "Go To" workout. I miss out when I don't come here. Great work out every time.
This workout was awesome. Will do this often. And guess what.....I save this page. Report