2 Moves for a Better Butt

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Watch this short video to find out the best exercises you can do for your butt!

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REALLY felt that second one! Report
I love this one! Report
These are two wonderful exercises and you really feel it! Also while on your hands and knees you can do what they call "Fire Hydrant" (resembling a male dog urinating). Do a dozen of those on each side then sit on your heels to stretch it out. Feels great! Report
Great and beneficial moves, looks very effective. Fantastic videos too. Hey, check this out for more. http://jvz4.com/c
/389373/101421 Report
Good to know . . . Report
I hate lunges!!! But I did them!!! Report
This looks effective and simple. Will do ! Report
hi I like that Report
Hi: This is Pine, I loved the video, I also find that doing bridges, and standing and flexing back heels and toes help, you are pulling the hamstring which is jointed to the thigh.
Like others, I can't do the lunges as I have an injured knee and don't know if I'll ever be able to do these type of exercises again. Report
I love all these, but I can't do any of the butt exercises I've found because I have a bad knee. Report
I like that my body can it Report
Who knows how long the resolution blues plays! Can't tell if its an ad or incorrect link. Report
These are oldies but goodies, but whether you will really have a better butt, well, that's all in someone's opinion walking behind you............ Report
I have no sound either but it might be my speakers. Report