Leg-Toning Chair Exercises

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Just because you sit at a desk all day doesn't mean that you can't squeeze in a little fitness! Try these sneaky leg toners from your chair.

Member Comments

Oh, another exercise I can incorporate. Thank you for sharing! Report
this is great!!! I'll definitely be using these now and in the future. Report
So simple, but they work. Report
I'm in a wheelchair and sit at the computer too long. I've got a browser timer set for 30 min. to stretch, and this is a nice change!
Love it. I too wish there were pics or stick figures so I could print pictures. Thanks for all the great tips! Report
I really felt a stretch in my calves - brilliant as I sit at a desk all day! Report
I like it! Need to have little stick pictures on a card to remind me at work. Report
I do these all the time,very easy and fast,so simple,good for the lower body,she does a great job, Report
I had back fusion surgery and was doing various forms of these 5 days after surgery at the rehab facility - very easy to do in the comfort of my home.
mike c Report
I've been doing these a lot and didn't know what they were called or how to track them. Thank You. Report
These are awesome! Loved them :D Report
Theses exercises will be helpful. Report
I can do that! Have a Thankful & Blessed Thursday! Report
Wonderful I look forward to trying this out. Report
Thanks, easy to remember to do and I really felt it. Report