Help Your Picky Eaters Eat healthy

Have a stubborn eater on your hands? This video will help everyone in your family eat better than ever before.

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my clan ate whatever my wife or I prepared for a meal. This wasn't burger king, have it your way was never part of meal plan. I failed with the portions because a child will eat when they are hungry and giving them a large portion and then insisting they eat it is wrong. I did do right by them with the sugar intake. We allowed candy one day a week and it wasn't go crazy time with the sweets.
I wish this would work on my husband! My son is more than willing to try new things... my husband on the other hand... lol...
All good info... I am a mac n cheese fan... so maybe I might try the new advice. The rest I do already.
I wasn't going to watch this because I don't have children. I found that it gave me ideas for myself.
Up beat positive video! Love it. Great ideas.
Very Informative and a good step in the right direction in dealing with Children learning healthy eating.
I love the little different idea that were given! Im going to put some of them on my grocery list.. Chips and Salsa is a huge must have for my house.. we LOVE salsa.. i even can my own sometimes! The Prunes i think my kids would like too..

There have been a few comments about people who say they only eat whats provided them.. have you ever had stubborn picky kids?! my kids would starve themselves before they would eat something i want to make them eat... and if they did eat it they would throw it up.. I myself can't eat many veggies.. they taste like dirt, and are disgusting to me.. I can eat onions if they are chopped up so fine they are basically unseen in anything i cook... my husband hates tomatoes so whenever u buy spaghetti sauce, if i want him to eat it, i have to run the already pureed sauce into a food processor just to make absolutely sure he's not going to run into a tomato or two!! Its difficult having a whole family who don't want to eat healthy. My husband does like salad and my daughter loves carrots and broccoli.. i love celery and carrots and my son loves all things salsa.. so i always try to have plenty of those on hands... fruits are much easier for us to consume thankfully!! Don't judge until you've been there =D

Great Video! thanks!
Our rule is that no one eats up to two hours before a meal. I also don't like to buy things full of empty calories. I bake treats like low-fat cup cakes and muffins that can serve as a snack. When I was a single working mom. I always cooked beans in the crockpot and we would make burritos with tortillas and veggies along with lots of salsa. They snacked on cut up veggies and ranch dip, or half a pbj on whole wheat bread. I still have young children almost 30 years later and I use the same methods. Most of the time we drink water between meals. It save money as well as fat and calories for a struggling family.
good message
I appreciate this video but as a mom who struggles with picky eaters, I must say I would have preferred to see a meal prepared and the children eat the WHOLE MEAL. I can get my kids to try new things and they will even say they like it. The problem is, they won't EAT the food, they will only "TASTE" the food. I have even resorted to taking videos of them when I introduce new meals so that I can prove to them that they liked it the last time I cooked it. Still...I struggle.
I love how they renamed the prunes so the kids would try them. It worked.
Great video! I am going to try it with my picky eaters - both of them. My husband does not eat anything that says "fiber", "grain" or "low-fat" on it. My daughter can happily go the entire day without eating and added more things to her "do not eat" list after seeing her dad say "yuck" to tomatoes and a few other things. I started buying her bad foods like mac 'n cheese and hot dogs just to get her to eat something.

I wish I could get someone to my house. We can all use the help!!!

I have two children gone from home, but need to try these tips on my Bid Kid, husband.
Here goes it!
Well part of me wants to say "either eat what I have made you or go without" although I know that does NOT always work either. Its very frustrating dealing with kids that just will not eat what you have made. It can be wasteful and time consuming. I was considered picky when I was a kid but I still was expected to eat what my Mom made for the most part.
I cringed when I saw her let the boy eat whatever that was with WHIPPED CREAM on it. Probably wasn't even real cream.
If only she would come to my house!!!!