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Thank you
I second that, great video!
great video
Yes, it's an advertisement, as mentioned, but these shoes are a miracle for many PF sufferers, and enable many of us to heal and get back to exercising. I suppose this is why Spark had chosen to let them advertise here to PF sufferers. I actually heard about Vionics on Spark, in an article about supportive footwear for various activities. I don't love ads, but I think Vionics are worth knowing about, so I don't mind in this case. Good product. Helps many people get back into exercise.
I agree with the comment about getting Spark Points for watching a commercial's being creepy!
I have to say that I have not needed to use my crutches or cane (for plantar fasciitis) since I started wearing these in 2010. I wear the sandals, mules and sports shoes and it's been great. I didn't care for their dressier shoes.
Spark Points for watching a commercial? Feels creepy. There's no information in this video at all.
I actually won a pair of Vionic off of Sparkpeople. All the foot pain issues that I was having is no longer an issue. The one thing that I don't like about the tennis shoe, is that the tongue is attached and can't be adjusted. I had to return the first pair, because the shoe ran big. I'm very pleased with the shoe.
I would love to know if other people have tried this brand of shoes, and if so, what your opinion is about them. Thanks!

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