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Advanced Motion System Technology supports your alignment, so you can walk, jump, play, dance and move all day long!

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thanks Report
I'm with everyone else on this.... SparkPeople should be the last place that uses a enticement to watch an advertisement. Not a good idea in my opinion.... Report
wow..good one Report
an ad ????? really??????? Report
Shoes??????? Report
I really like Vionic shoes and have purchased them through their website due to their return policy, have yet for the need to do so though.
I look for clearance sale since they are very costly, but since I work retail and am on my feet most days and evenings on cement floors they do hold up so you aren't in extreme pain at the end of your day.
What I have learned with them is the inner sole breaks down fast than the outer sole so you need to be changing up for newer shoes every 3 months, in my case. Report
Seriously? I was all excited to get ....excited. sigh. Report
I love my Vionics, but also was looking for a motivational video. Report
not what I thought it was going to be Report
Nice active shoes but I just don't think you should have to pay that much money for a good pair of fitness shoes. Report
Totally thought it was going to be a motivational video, not an advertisement. :/ Report
LOOKS LIKE AN ad for cute shoes, but it appears the runner was heel striking. no bueno! Report
?? Report
Ok, it's an ad for shoes - but those are some pretty cool looking shoes. Report
Wow....just wow....thought this was going to be a motivational video and not an advertisement for shoes? Report

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