Movement As Medicine

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Walking is so's centering, relaxing and great for emotional and mental health. Click here to choose the shoe that's right for you! Brought to you by Vionic Shoes, a SparkPeople sponsor.

Member Comments

Great article thanks for sharing Report
I love walking. I plan to do some today. Report
movement always bring oxygen to an area and removes toxins--so it is a great idea Report
When I am consistent with my walking and/or exercise, I do feel better for sure. The struggle is being consistent. Report
We find ourselves walking daily. walking does not require equipment, weird movements nor lack of time. Whether walking inside or outside, it's free and easy. Just put one foot in front of the other and JUST DO IT! Report
Walking is the best excercise Report
I love indoor walking workouts! No equipment needed! It does not matter if it is rainy and cold outside! I can get my heart rate up and break a sweat! Check out Lesley Sansone and Jessica Smith on You Tube. There are some on SPARKPEOPLE as well. Report
I started taking a walk with my dog every morning back in June and I have felt so much better. Some mornings it's hard to get out because I may not have slept well or the humidity is already so high that I know I'll be uncomfortable but she looks at me and I can't say no. It's been the best thing! And I disagree with those who call this a commercial - being a person who has always hated shoes, I have finally found a brand that works for me. Having the right shoes is so very important. I think that's the point of this short video - to take care of your feet and wear the right shoes! Report
Yes,. Definitely a hidden commercial. Report
I thought this was going to be good medical advice that I could send to friends to motivate them. Turns out it was just a commercial. There are places on the site for ads, they shouldn't be hiding in health videos. Report
I get shoes through a program for diabetics. I have yet to get truly comfortable shoes in three tries. I know I would enjoy walking if I had comfortable shoes. By the way, the shoes are fit by professional! Report
I have to agree with him as well when it comes to shoes. The military issued us some plain, basic cheap shoes during boot camp and it was hard running. Years down the road when my foot started hurting my doctor gave me a card to his favorite running store owned by a podiatrist. I still visit that store for my running shoes. The value of a good shoe is definitely underrated. Report
I wish I could be more encouraged about walking-so boring- Right now COLD in MN is my best excuse. I know walking is soo GREAT FOR EXERCISE NO MATTER WHAT OUR AGE, FITNESS LEVEL, and so on. I just need to get a new mind set in order to do it. Report
This is so true! I am a former runner, triathlete. If your shoes are not fitting correctly and your feet hurt, you just cannot do the sport. I wore special shoes with clips when I rode my bike, the cheap shoes hurt my feet horribly, I spent a bit more for my shoes and the foot pain went away. While running a person really needs shoes that will support the arch and heel. Some of the cheaper shoes just can't do that! I totally agree with this guy! Report
This started out just fine, but then took on the aspects of a commercial. There are many more reasons than feet hurting that make it difficult to walk. However, I find that walking (not overdoing it) always makes me feel better. :D

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