7-Minute Hip-Opener Routine

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Stretch, strengthen and open your hips with this feel-good routine!

Member Comments

A good one. Report
nice, these are actually yoga postures/exercise
s .Good to see it adapted to Westernised version Report
Thanks for the tip. Report
Thank you! I'll start with two of these stretches. Report
Ok Report
Think I could do the butterfly stretch and maybe the last two. May not be all of them, but it could certainly help just doing a couple. Thank you! Report
Great stretches! Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Great video! Need to work on this area of my body. I started heavy breathing and sweating just watching!!! Thanks! Report
Thanks Report
not for me Report
Straight into Lizard?!? Hmmm,.......... Report
Good morning! thanks for sharing great workout! Report

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