7-Minute Hip-Opener Routine

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Stretch, strengthen and open your hips with this feel-good routine!

Member Comments

I agree with DOLPHIN225. I would only attempt 2 of these stretches. Report
Great stretches! I love the lizard pose! Report
Great stretches... I should get better with time! Report
a challenging workout Report
I agree with the people who say this is not for everyone or anyone with joint issues. I bet that I'm not the only one here who would appreciate more stretching exercises for people with artificial joints. I have no desire to go through the surgery again. Report
Thanks for these stretches, I am going to add them to my stretching routine. Report
I probably need these. I am too "stiff" to sit cross-legged and have been unable to sit on my heels for years now. (Might be too late?) I can't use age as an excuse because many ladies much older than me (I'm almost 60) are able to assume these positions. "Use it or LOSE it!", I guess... :) Report
I truly surprised myself by being able to get into a couple of these positions.
I hope I can do them all one day. Report
These exercises really did open up my hips and give me a greater range of motion Report
Agree with CHRISHARP and DOLPHIN225. PLEASE, SparrkPeople, can't you offer a selection of videos for typical Sparkers who are twice this woman's size and a tenth as flexible??? Are you listening, Coach Nicole? Report
not flexible enough to do these. I'll stay with the strength training stretches. I do have a lot of hip pain. I am doing a lot of leg raises which help. Good luck to all who can do this video. Report
These are for people who are more flexible than I am. I have knee problems that I would be afraid of making worse. Report
I'll try to do some of them! I don't sit at a desk any more. I'm retired. But I did when I worked. I've had 2 knee replacements, and I can't put any pressure on my knees. Have a
Super & Blessed Saturday! LYL! Report
I don't sit at a desk all day, but I have very tight hips (think it's genetic as my aunt and grandma have both had hip replacements, and my mom has hip/knee problems) so I try and stretch them out, but I couldn't do a lot of these poses. I think maybe my belly is in the way for a few, and the others are almost painful. My hip actually made a popping noise when I tried to do the lizard pose :( Report
Unable to view the video :-( Report

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