7 Calorie-Torching Kettlebell Moves

New to kettlebell training? Here are some of our favorite ways to use this fat-torching tool!

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What on earth is she saying? Impossible to understand what she says.
Do you swing that far over your head?
Totally agree with RONNIELK and TURBO6X2. Also, should never jump when doing shoulder press. Not a good video.
I feel like most of these would really hurt my shoulders.
Cor! If I did that I would certainly put my back out!
Uh why am I hearing FRENCH ADS??
wow, I have no clue what she said. Talks way too fast, almost like one who isn't entirely confident of themselves, or like a politician trying to pull a fast one over us? Not the usual careful cueing I see with other videos outside SparkPeople. This video was not captioned, so it is totally inaccessible to those of us who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speak English as a second language. I think the comments have been way more educational...
since I am interested in trying KettleBells, and I am 62, with a lot of exercise and form experience behind me, but out of the run for some time, I really appreciate the feedback with concrete explanations and recommendations. What a great site!
This shouldn't be on here for beginners or anyone else the technique is horrible and an embarrassment to actual kettlebell instructors. Sorry but if you don't know the proper technique you are setting people up to get really hurt. The only safe exercises on this video are the halo, the around the body pass (which is what it's usually called), the goblet squat and maybe the Front rack forward lunge, the Two handed swing should be a hip hinge and not a squat swing unless that's what you are trying to perform and generally it's referred to as a hard style swing. The American swing is dangerous especially for anyone who hasn't even mastered the GS swing or hard style swing. I would never recommend this to anyone just starting to train with a Kettlebell. The single arm swing is also a hip hinge and there should be no squat involved unless again you are doing a squat swing. Please refer to the sources listed below for correct technique being used and not a personal trainer with no kettlebell certification. I highly recommend Steve Cotter's series of youtube videos. Please practice proper technique when posting videos especially when working with this type of tool.
What RONNIELK said.
I love kettle bells too but be careful of when you lift it over your head or swing it behind your head. I strained my neck doing that and it was not pleasant...
I will not be doing anything with kettlebells unless I want to cause some serious injury. 7-10 pounds for beginners!! Who is she kidding? Not to mention the damage to my house when I drop one doing one of the swings. I think I'll try something less lethal.
The swing is not a squat and the hip hinge should be emphasized. Her Push/Press form is not good at all. It is sad so many can claim to know kettlebells but obviously have had no solid training in them. Nike has even put out videos with horrible form. Below is a link to Lauren Brooks showing a correct push/press.


I would highly recommend that anyone interested in kettlebells go to the those who know kettlebells.
Strong First (Pavel Tsatsouline--the original Russian instructor in USA)
Dragon Door (the place that brought Pavel to the general public)
Art of Strength (Anthony DiLuglio--started the first legit KB gym in the USA)
Lauren Brooks
Steve Cotter
Steve Maxwell
Tim Ferris

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