How to Use SparkPeople's Nutrition Tracker

This step-by-step video that will help you get the most from your food tracker.

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I cannot add foods to my daily meals.
please someone tell me how I close out my daily meal tracking. I cannot figure out how to do it
Good info.
Can I remove "recent" foods?
This is outdated already - I used to be able to edit the actual names of foods I entered, like where I misspelled a word or added an apostrophe when I wasn't supposed to. Now, I can't go and fix those names, nor can I just simply delete the incorrect food item and enter a new one. Yes, I can enter a new one with corrected information and/or updated nutritional info as the manufacturers themselves update and change the nutrition on their packaging - but that leaves the "old" incorrect info still on the database and still available to confuse others who are looking for the nutritional info of the same food. Just a thought.
I added Sugar as another Nutrient to track and i do see it at the bottom of my page. Is it possible to also see it listed next to Calories Carbs Fat Protein ? I use my phone app for most of my entries and it would be nice to be able to added it there.

Select Quantly will not open for me to track my food. I followed the video, watched it 3 times to make sure I understood, but it won't open after I have chosen my food. I tried other food items just in case but it won't open. I am eager to get started. Please help.
No longer able to import any recipes from Spark Recipes to my nutrition tracker—- not even my own from my own recipe collection.
I plan my meals for the week so I can set up my grocery list. Can I input my meals in the tracker for the week, so I can monitor my nutritional values daily, and make any adjustments?
How do you delete a item that you added by mistake to the “new” tracker. Was easy with the “old “ tracker but I cannot seem to figure out how to do it with the new. I am using the app.
I wish to add a bunch of foods to the favorites list that I know I am going to eat in the near future, but don't want add them to my tracker right away. How do I do this?
It would be nice if your database of food had the correct nutritional values, is there any way to change the values or do you have to enter the food item again. I've noticed that on many of the shared items these values are not correct either. Can the shared items be turned off?
It did not show me how to add food from my saved recipes from SparkPeople. I have done it 3 times already and it never went to my nutrition page for breakfast even though it said it was added.
I want to be able to select foods that I do not like or that I am allergic to so they are not on the meal plan. There use to be a section for this and I developed more allergies and can not find where to select the foods.
Lvhope- Yes, if you 'Show Meal Plans' and 'Edit Nutrition Goals', scroll down to the bottom and you can choose vegetarian, low sodium etc. You can click as many of these as you want, I think.