Quick Core Circuit Workout

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Work your core all over with these five moves that you can do almost anywhere!

Member Comments

I'm not sure if it still applies but, when I took my AFAA training courses we were taught that lifting botb legs and arms off tye floor at the same time is dangerous! Of course times change and I taught in 2008 so maybe there is a new standard? Report
I couildn't get the "track calories" to work for me either.
Do you have belly fat like I do? I'm going to try this challenge. Report
thanks Report
Ok Report
Thanks looks hard Report
Selecting "Track Calories Burned" is not working for me. It does not show up on my fitness tracker. Any suggestions. Report
Good morning! thanks for sharing great workout! Report
hard for me Report
Great! Report
I can do this one! Thank you so much! Report
Great video Report
Great article Report
I love this video thank u for sharing! Report
I LOVE these short exercise videos! Even 20 minutes of core-crunching seems like too much for me but I can do 2, 3 or even 5 minutes. Thanks, Spark! Report

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