2 Instant Confidence-Boosting Moves

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Need a confidence boost? This weird, scientifically-backed trick really works to calm your nerves and make you feel more in control.

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Just extending our reach seems to help! Thank you! Report
Morning! thanks for sharing your workout! Report
The poses DID cha:)nge how I felt - IT MADE ME LAUGH!! :) Report
great Report
Thank you Report
Wonderful way to start the day! Report
I LOVE this!! I am sold! Report
Interesting, I will definitely give these a try. Good luck out there people, YOU ROCK! Report
Ok Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
This is very helpful. I'm glad I clicked on it. Report
Thank You!
thanks Report
You learn something new every day thanks Report
Wonderful advice! And it takes just a few minutes! Impressive! The first one is very similar to a pose in Body Flow class, except that we lift the hills as well, which is significantly more challenging. I will definitely include these poses on my arsenal against stress and lack of confidence. Thank you so much! Report