The Easiest Healthy Way to Make Potatoes

Stumped on a side dish? These potatoes are ready in just minutes when you steam them in the microwave. Add salt to taste, and you're ready to dig in!

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Would be nice if we had nutritional information......
I don't use any kind of salt for cooking. I used a garlic powder instead of garlic salt. Yummy!
I've done pretty much the same thing as this video shows but I spread them on a baking sheet and baked them. Yummy. I used very little oil, seasoned salt, pepper, italian seasoning or whatever I thought would taste good on potatoes. Have even used poultry seasoning.
I'm not sure that any plastic in the microwave is safe. Lots of things are said to be "safe" then later not so safe.
Too slapdash potatoes were cut up so they varied in size (would not cook uniformly), heavy handed with spices and oil. Result looks anaemic and unappetizing.
Looks good, but I don't need to add this much pepper to mine. For me a little spice goes a long way.
Looks good, but I don't need to add this much pepper to mine. For me a little spice goes a long way.
#of servings and nutritional value would help please. How do I add it to my tracker? Looks delicious. Am going to definitely try them.
Use a good glass baking dish with a lid. Why tempt the health issue with plastic. If we are looking for a healthier lifestyle eliminate things like this also.
Are other plastic items unsafe to use in the microwave?
All plastics intended for food use — whether designed for microwaving or not — must meet stringent U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety standards before they are allowed on the market. When manufacturers develop individual plastic packaging products, they often conduct additional testing based on a product’s intended use. Choosing to microwave with a plastic item not labeled for microwave suitability isn’t necessarily “unsafe,” but you won’t have the assurance of knowing the item was tested and evaluated for this purpose.
I believe the bag they used is one you buy specifically for steaming...not just any plastic bag, which I agree shouldn't be used! Be sure and read the box that it's safe and made of the right kind of plastic to use in a microwave! Looked like a healthy side dish...and I think you could add other veggies such as broccoli, asparagus or carrots! Yum!
Cooking the potatoes in a plastic bag is not a healthy option.

Be careful when using any type of plastic with hot foods!
I feel like this would be so fast and healthy
I think that's a great way to make potatoes. Fast and easy. I will make it that way. Thanks!
I was amazed at how easy it looks, I have to give this a try.

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