Are You Eating More Sugar than You Think?

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Did you know how much sugar was lurking in these six common foods? From sports drinks to spaghetti sauce, these visuals are super eye-opening! (Note that the sugar in the dried apricots is natural sugar, but it's still a good reminder to practice portion control with dried fruits since the sugar is so concentrated!)

Member Comments

I use Unsweetened Vanilla Almond sugar Report
The person that said that not all Almond Milk has sugar in it is right. There are sugar free
almond milks. Where skim milk doesn't have sugar free. I hope everyone has a Blessed
Day on the Lord's Day! LYL! Report
Wow. Thanks Spark People for this video. It sure is powerful! Report
Sports drinks, by their vary nature contain sugar!!!!

Not all almond milks contain any sugar! Report
I buy unsweetened chocolate almond milk. All the nutrients, but less sugar and calories. Report
Do not use store bought spaghetti sauce. Make your own. Tomato sauce (low salt) tomato puree, garlic. Italian seasoning. add meat if you wish (if you do cook it with garlic and Italian seasoning before you put it into the sauce. cook low and slow, the longer it cooks the better. Report
This video best illustrates the importance of home made!

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