Intro to Yoga Blocks

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Find out how a simple block can improve your yoga practice.

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thanks Report
Helpful! Report
Well explained, Coach Nicole! Thanks! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Great intro to a yoga block, looking forward to using one. Thanks coach Nicole Report
Great need-to-know information. Thanks! Report
Great ideas! I just got a set for Report
I was looking at a yoga kit over the weekend and I did wonder what the block was for, I thought it was for standing on for balancing for some poses. Thank-you for the video! If my husband bothered to do any stretches this would help him since he can't reach the floor. Report
These are an awesome aid when my arthritis is acting up and I can't stretch quite as far as usual! Love mine! Report
Thanks,I have these blocks,very helpful when just starting,or starting over from health issue or surgerys,love them!!!! Report
Thanks for sharing instruction. I was wondering exactly how they were used and if I needed one. Report
Thank you for sharing. I was wondering what those blocks were for! Now I know!! :) Report
Thanks Coach Nicole. I had never heard of yoga blocks before viewing this video. Any help for my short arms and limited flexibility is encouraging. Report

This is very informative. Thank you. Report
Thank you thank you! I have always wondered what the blocks were used for. I am flexible, but can still see the benefit in the blocks. Great video! Report