How Much Do You Know about Wrinkles?

Do you really know what causes these lines of wisdom or which healthy habits can delay their appearance? Take our quiz to find out!

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Not as smart as I thought. Good information.
I can't get the video to work! But I have great skin still at 50 and this is what I know to be true--it has nothing to do with moisturizers or face creams or anything else they try to sell you at the beauty counter! It has to do with sun damage. The very last layer of your skin is called the basal layer and it generates new skin cells. But once that layer is damaged by UV A & B rays, through a sunburn or just constant exposure, even on a cloudy day, without sun protection, it's going to wrinkle your skin and even lead to skin cancer. Everyone who loved being on the beach when they were younger without sun protection already damaged their skin! I wear sunscreen almost 24/7 365 days a year since my teens, my parents used sunscreen on me when I was a kid, and I never where sunscreen less than an SPF of 15, preferably 30. That's only way to take care of your skin.
As I watched many of my friends wrinkling, I was so pleased that my skin looked so good.
But my 77th year the wrinkles came with a vengeance. I still use face creams, but I no longer can stay ahead of it. I am now looking my age.
Thanks for great information concerning this issue -- I would appreciate more information on what can be done to rejuvenate old skin.
I've been wearing sun cream on my face every day regardless of the weather since my early twenties, I also have never smoked and drink a lot of water. I am now 50 years old and look as if I'm in my early 30s. Even when I visited the nurse at my local surgery the other day, I was called back in because she thought she'd had the wrong patients notes up in our session when she saw my birthdate after I left.
Very interesting and yes I did learn a bit.
I did learn a little something. I also chuckled when I saw the tanning bed guy wearing walking shorts and socks! Cracked me u=)
I will continue laughing
Wow. I spend a disgusting amount of money on RoC products for my face - which has wrinkles - and it's disappointing to know that they don't correct except for the amount of time the cream/serum is being used. I would have liked to know if there is a way to reverse the signs of aging and correct wrinkles once they appear.
Even though smiling causes wrinkles, it is so much nicer to smile.
I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll keep smiling anyway! :D
Ouch! I didn't do so good. I learned a lot from that video. Although don't forget to get your vitamin D in before putting on the sunscreen!

Thanks for the great video!
Thanks for the info.
I'm proud of my laugh lines!
I got some of the questions right, but not all of them