Are Organic Foods Better for You?

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40% of Americans buy organic foods at least occasionally, but is the extra cost a good way to invest in your health?

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Try it out and you wont regret it. Report
Thanks, Great video! Report
I lose weight just fine buying regular vegetables from the grocery store. I go to food markets outdoors now and then, but there is no magic from that produce, and I don't expect any. Taste is not that different at all, those things are just planted in your head by yuppies. The point is to EAT more vegetables!! Report
I buy some organic food. I agree with everything you said. I can't afford it all the time. Have a Thankful & Blessed Thursday! Report
I agree with everything said. Report
I run a community garden which is organic (at least as far as I know) so I eat well in the summer and freeze produce for the winter. Report
I have always thought that Organic is a figment of some Con Artists Imagination and I still feel the same way. It is ridiculous, you can only grow one way. Report
This is a pretty food summary of the issue. I've also made a 3-minute video explaining whether organic food is worth it: https://www.youtu
v=TDXrevC6cPo Report
The list of the top ten foods to buy organic is very useful to me when I shop. In the summer, we support our local farmers by belonging to a CSA, and that is an investment I choose as well as a sure way to eat organic. Report
I eat organic as frequently as I my budget will allow it. I don't want all that garbage they use on conventional food in my body. I live near many organic farms and they have to work harder to produce these beautiful clean fruits and vegetables. They SHOULD get more money for their produce and I applaud them for doing it. Report
Arsenic, toadstools, poison dart frogs, rattlesnake venom... All organic and non-GMO. Something grown the way my granny used to garden is organic, but given all the manure and what not, it's still covered with residue that needs to be scrubbed off. Report
It amuses me that it says Everwell is unbiased. If you've watched many of their videos, they're always in favor of the big companies. Report
It is lousy that we have to pay more for organic food, that is why I don't always choose it. When shopping yesterday the organic small tomatoes were on special, priced the same as regular small tomatoes, so of course, I was able to buy the organic! We pay a price to eat healthy!!! Terrible, should not be this way! Report
The very fact that organic produce costs more should tell you something, why does it cost more to NOT have pesticides sprayed? Could it be that the big agricultural companies are in on it? WHY should someone have to PAY to be certified as organic but to spray any old rubbish on it is perfectly fine? Things are backwards, organic produce should be a given. I agree with all those people advising to grow your own. In the UK we are lucky enough that organic produce is not that much more expensive and there are lots of veg box schemes supporting local farms available. Monsanto is seriously one of the most evil corporations on the planet and they provide most of your pesticides. As for, is organic food good for you? That should be the easiest answer in the world, of course it is! We lived off organic food for centuries and suffered a lot less stomach complaints. Being a sufferer of extreme stomach problems like so many other people I question all processed foods now. I avoid as much as I can and buy organic most of the time when I am not supplying my own food. Organic should be a right not more expensive IMO. Report
I am not sure if its worth it for me to buy organic produce as its a lot more expensive. Having said that I try to grow as much of my own produce as I can as I feel it tastes better even if its not any better for me. I also wonder if all this increasing yields per acre of farmland has led to less nutritious foods. Report