I Lost 150 Pounds and Ran a 15K Race!

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Watch this inspirational video of a member who went from 370 pounds to running 50 miles a week.

Member Comments

that is really awesome Report
great video! Inspiring! Report
Great article-Thank yu for sharing it! Report
Quite a sztorfy and good that yu shared it--inspiring! Report
Amazing! Report
Such a wonderful and moving story. It was so touching to hear you talk about the way your high school friends had remembered you and how this moved you. Your response to your friend's passing is inspiring and life affirming. Report
Congratulations on your success!! You've done an awesome job. Keep it up and thanks for sharing your story!! Report
Congratulations & thank you so much for sharing your story! I have a lot of weight to lose myself and listening to and watching your video today has inspired me. Sometimes when we are beginning it is easy to get discouraged about how far we have to go, so I really appreciated the reminder today that I am not alone on this journey. God bless you and may you enjoy many more years with your beautiful family! Report
Hope it all lasts! Report
awesome achievement WOW!! Report
Awesome! Congrats! I've lost 39.8 lbs. But 150. That's great! Report
Amazing! Congratulations on your success Report
AWESOME JOB!!!!!!! Report
Inspiring - What a transformation - WOW! Report