Small Changes Helped Me Lose 90 Pounds!

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By incorporating small changes into her lifestyle, this SparkPeople member lost 90 pounds! Watch her amazing progress--and learn how she did it--in this video.

Member Comments

Very Inspirational Report
Great! Congratulations! Report
I can really relate with this woman! Report
Wonderful motivation. I found it very moving. It reminds me that once upon a time, I lost 100# and gained my self-respect back.

I have lost the motivation and self-respect, but when I think of your story, I think--I CAN DO THIS.

Truly heartwarming. Thank you for being here.
D Report
What a wonderful testament. I have a similar story weight wise; but I have about 30 years on you, 3 pregnancies and years of yo-yoing. The biggest problem is that I have been stuck on my own disappointments and give up. Your story has given me a new perspective, because you were at the exact same weight when you started with Spark People as I am right now. Congratulations to you and all your hard work. I hope I can do this. Report
So wonderful. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. Report
Congratulations. That is awesome. Report
This is wonderful, thank you for sharing your journey :) Report
Congratulations! You look great! Report
Amazing transformation! Thanks for sharing your success story. Report
Congratulations! You look great and I'm happy to hear that you feel great too. I'm happy that you found SP as young as you are. It took me 60 years. I'm not looking back though. Each day is a gift and I'm so happy to be living it clean and healthy. Continued success to you. Sounds like you're committed for life! Report
Congratulation! Much of your story hit home :) Thank YOU!!! You inspired me today! Report
Great video....well done!!!!!!!!!!!! Report
Thanks for sharing. You are very inspiring and look FANTASTIC! Be blessed! Report
Congratulations! That's awesome! Report