Not Your Ordinary Yoga Teacher

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Paralyzed at the age of 13, Matt turned to yoga to overcome many obstacles. In this inspiring video, watch how he now helps others do the same.

Member Comments

What an amazing treasure this man is. I hope many receive inspiration from him and pass it on to others! Report
This was interesting! Report
Matt is incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing this video with us. Report
Very inspiring. Report
And I don't exercise because I'm too tired. Matt is so awesome and this video shows his innate ability to overcome the greatest obstacles! Report
What an up lifting story, moves me to buy his book to learn more. Report
Terrific story! A 180 degree switch from ignoring the parts of your body that don't work so well anymore, to involving all of you in all of your life. What a cool concept!

ps: I love my Yoga Report
What an Inspiration !! Thank you for this Video Report
I never could stick to yoga because I never was able to twist my body into those poses. But this has shown me that yoga is not about perfect poses - but about connecting your mind to your total body - even the painful or overweight or less than perfect parts. What peace and joy and love that man emanated. May we all be so blessed. Report

Thank you for being an Inspiration to others with disabilities.
I am a two time stage for Cancer Survivor and one of my recovery
exercise's was walking fives miles a day.
however one day I came back from an 11 miles walk and damage my nerves in my left legnow I have Tarcel Tunnel Syndrome and I am unable to have surgery
because I am considered high risk to doctors so I am learning to live
with my disability. my doing stretches and Icing my ankle because it
swells like a cantaloupe it's been a challenge to walk and do activities.

Victoria Report
This inspiring man reminds and reinforces us to listen to our bodies and our instincts as to what is right for us as he did for himself. I am so grateful that I watched this video, thank you for it. Report
I've tried Yoga before and it is hard. I wanted to quit because my joints don't want to support me. Now, I'm like - GIRL! You can feel and use your joints. Pain is no excuse not to try. Now, can I back that up? I'll certainly try. What a great video. Thanks. Report
That was so uplifting and inspiring to watch. Report
Awesome and inspiring! Report
what a great video and person.. Made me feel like I should work out every day to inprove my health and body Report