The Power of SparkPeople's Start Page

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Check out this video tutorial that shows you have to get started with your SparkPeople account!

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Sound quality is off - is it possible to remaster this so the voice is clearer and louder? Other videos here are fine but this one just seems worse than the usual. As a result the captioning (based on AI listening, evidently) is also off, printing random words that seem to have nothing to do with the context? Thanks! Report
I am happy to see this posted as of late on the feed there have been many posters with questions as to how to access their entered Spark recipes. Report
Thank you for the video Report
Thank you for updating the video. Report
Is there a mobile app for keeping track of your food? Report
thank you Report
It's even easier than I thought! Thank you for the great video. I was so excited when I found SparkPeople, I just jumped right in and fumbled around to find what I took me years to discover what was just covered in less than 5 minutes. LOL Report
Good video !! I was always starting at SparkPoints because I could easily find the sections i wanted, but now I'll start at START. :-) Report
I wish I would have paid attention to this video and the Welcome section before I got busy tracking! Report
Great info! Report
Thanks for the overview! Refreshed some functions and learned new to me features! Report
very nice intro video. wish I had found it on day one...LOL Report
I love this site! Keep up the good work and thank you SPARK for being here for me. Report
Great Overview! Report